Visit Eva Cafe On Anjuna Beach & Enjoy Eating The Perfect Brunch With Your Family

    What Makes It Awesome

    Head to Eva Cafe on Anjuna and find the perfect spot to laze around while sipping beer and gazing at the sea. This little cafe is not at all easy to find. However, it was totally worth spending a good amount of time looking for it. The shack is situated right on the rocks that face towards the Anjuna beach. The decor there is Portuguese-rustic that somehow make you feel at home. The place overlooking the rocks is one of the best spots you can find to spend the day at the beach.

    The view is serene and peaceful. The chairs in the shack also face the sea thereby giving you a perfect view while you nibble on your sandwich. And that isn't even the best part about this place. The food is just awesome. The menu has a variety of interesting options from the avocado sandwich to the grilled BLT. We went there to grab us some delish breakfast and we fell in the love with the outlet. As it happened, we ended up spending the entire afternoon there only. It's a wonderful joint if you're in a small group.

    What Could Be Better?

    They could improve their location to be more exact on the map so that one can navigate their way using Google Maps.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    The parking is quite far away, so be ready for a walk to find this place. I suggest you call them up to get the location right before you set out!

    Anything Else?

    Their sandwiches are simply awesome!