This New Whisky In Goa Is Taking Over Local Bars & We Can't Keep Calm!



    An award-winning contemporary Indian Whisky that’s priced at INR 1,500 for a 750ml bottle?! Yes, you read that right — Woodburns — this new brand of whisky by Fullarton Distilleries (a Goa-based distillery) is taking over bars in Goa, hoping to end India’s obsession with scotch and giving us whisky-lovers a new reason to celebrate.

    What Makes It Awesome

    While in India, whisky is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks, there’s barely an Indian whisky that can compete on an international level. The newly launched Woodburns — Contemporary Indian Whisky, aims to change just that. In fact, it has already won a silver medal in the ‘World Blended Whisky Category’ at the International Spirits Challenge in London, and is now taking the Goa bars by storm.

    The next time you’re in Goa, look out for their bar-takeovers (you’ll find the information on their social media pages) where they are busy showcasing their whiskey — both as straight drinks and in the form of some delish whisky sours. The bar take-overs, typically 2–4 hours long, are afternoons of unadulterated fun, music and some great booze. They have also been treating people to some of their signature cocktails curated by their in house mixologist — Sussegad Secret, a comforting concoction of shitake mushroom infused whisky and lavender, and Patrao’s Pineapple Pepper, a pineapple-infused whisky cocktail which is a perfect daytime drink, are some of their whisky cocktails that have been quite the hit among audiences.

    They are available in over 50 restaurants, and at most liquor stores in Goa, so the next time you’re at a bar, taken over or not, try and get yourself a taste. The nose of the whisky has subtle smoke and dark chocolate notes with a distinct peat underlay. Each sip is rich and sweet on the palate that lingers giving you that perfect finish. 

    In fact creating yet another point of interest for whisky connoisseurs, come December they will also start a tour of their distillery in Ponda, where the whisky is aged in handcrafted barrels, following age-old processes like charring of barrels which gives this Indian malt whisky its rich taste and finesse.