Food, Fashion, Entertainment & Travel: You've Got To Follow These Hyderabadi Instagram Handles

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Millenials, let’s come clean — nothing is more addictive than Instagram and we’re all stalkers in the pursuit of eyeing the lives of influencers. Hyderabad too has its share of interesting profiles that we cannot get enough of. So, here are our favourite profiles (apart from ours, of course) that you should follow. Like now.


Sowkya is your girl-next-door with all the sass in the world. Her feed is full of offbeat travel stories and pictures that remind you of #FollowMeTo (but only better). Plus, we love how she makes comfort clothing seem ever-stylish. So, if you want tips on wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans and still look runway-ready, this profile might just help you.


The food adventures of Ashis and Neidhi is what Food Drifter is all about. Read about it on their blog or follow their Instagram page to discover new restaurants, trending dishes and what to eat in the city. Plus, they do epic travel stories that we love checking out.


Dheeraj Reddy, a student and fashion blogger, can pull off any outfit effortlessly. Posing against scenic vistas and coffee shops of Hyderabad, his pictures resemble streets of New York. Stalk him for his sartorial elegance. Stalk him to get the deets on his outfits {most are from H&M, so you can easily find them}. Stalk him to learn a thing or two about posing like a boss and making Hyderabad look like the streets of NYC or Europe.


Kranthi bakes and whips dishes like a pro. Wait, he is a pro! Breakfast bowls to chunky guacamole and quinoa salad bowls to pumpkin soup — get a scoop into some killer dishes. Adding to this, he presents them in the most creative ways and photographs them well too. You can also make these dishes by checking out his blog.


This is like 9GAG but for Telugu and South Indian movie buffs. Their memes on social issues to entertainment with Telugu (And sometimes, Tamil) cinema scenes as the background are spot on. We make sure to get on this page if we are having a bad day and now you can too. Their videos on YouTube are totally fun! 


Priyanka Wycliffe is a fashion blogger who also holds a corporate job. Her feed is full of quirky outfits that we’d love to own, and her sense of style includes plenty of accessorizing. Adding to the already vibrant mix of pictures are her brilliant shots of cafes and monuments of Hyderabad. If you are interested in grabbing outfits from one of her lookbooks, check out her blog.