Prawn, Egg & Paneer Samosa: This Stall In Kukatpally Serves 20 Varieties Of Samosas

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What Makes It Awesome

Kukatpally peeps, if you randomly crave for samosas while working, studying, or even doing nothing, we have something to tell. Stuck to a corner of the road in KPHB Colony, Ruchi Samosa is a small stall that can be missed out easily (but it shouldn't). If you're not big on ambience, this stall will do justice to your short hunger pangs. For just INR 40 and INR 20, you can get yourself a plate of vegetarian or non-vegetarian samosas. Famous for selling 12 varieties of samosas, you can expect chicken samosa, prawn samosa, egg samosa, sweet corn samosa, paneer samosa, amongst many others. Depending on the type of samosa, each plate will have three to six samosas which are not a lot because they aren't your usual big samosas.

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500


We just want to put it out there that this isn't the cleanest place for a food stall and you won't find enough place to stand and eat. So you'll need to take your plate and walk further till you find a safe spot or park your vehicle towards the E-Seva centre.