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Hair Falling Out? This Brand’s Black Rice Shampoo Will Tackle It Head On


    What Makes It Awesome

    I have stayed in Kolkata long enough to adopt the sobriquet of “Bheto Bangali”, which basically means someone who loves her rice, siesta and nostalgia. Let’s leave the latter two out of the equation for now. Speaking of rice, if you’re a Bengali or an Asian or just a rice-loving human, you would know the pain that comes with a meal without a serving of rice in it. However, rice is not this flawless Goddess of a grain we make it out to be. Have too much of it and you stand the risk of developing obesity, type II diabetes and other such health issues. So, what’s the alternative? Mudita Akoijam Singh’s For8 Superfoods has the answer. 

    Black rice, famously known as the ‘forbidden rice’ (because it was reserved for the royalty in ancient China and the common folk were prohibited from growing or consuming it). No longer forbidden now, For8 works with marginalised farmers and women self-help groups from North East India to cultivate this super food in Manipur and make it accessible across the country.

    Black rice water has often been used as an effective home remedy in Manipur for skin and hair care. In keeping with that, For8 has come up with Chakhao (meaning Black Rice in Manipuri), a new range of bath & body care products. These are infused with black rice extract and essential oils, while being free from parabens and sulphates. Wondering if it will suit your hair and skin type? You have the option of a trying out a small sample before you buy the full product. Try the Black Rice Hair Repair Vegan Shampoo, if you have been battling hairfall woes. It is a rich source of Anthocyanins which are known fight free radicals and promote hair growth. Want an anti-bacterial liquid soap that won’t leave your hands feeling like sand paper? The Chakhao Black Rice Castile soap made using coconut, olive and castor oil cleans effectively, while moisturising the skin. Win-win.


    Black rice comes with a host of health benefits - rich in antioxidants, good source of fibre and low glycemic index. The rice has a wonderful aroma and compliments a lot of the regular dishes we make at home. The only parts where you ought to compromise a little (that is if you really love your white rice) is the colour and texture. For8 also offers Black Rice Bakery Friendly Flour, which works as a great healthy substitute to plain wheat flour.