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Stirred, Not Shaken: Get Your Hands On These Kickass, Fuss-Free Concoctions From This Brand

Wine & Liquor

& Stirred Cocktail Mix

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What Makes It Awesome

& Stirred is a simple, no fuss mix balanced to perfection like any professional bartender’s concoction that offers consistent and great tasting cocktails anytime, every time.

Margartia-Combo Pack Of 6 - Water, Sugar, Lemon juice conc., Orange juice conc.

Pack Of 12 ( 3 x 4 Flavours) - (Mojito+Margarita+Cosmopolitan+Bloody Mary) - Water, Sugar, Lemon juice conc., Orange juice conc.,Craneberry juice conc., Tomato puree,Salt,Mixed spices

Kamikaze Shots-Combo Pack Of 3Pina Colada-Combo Pack Of 6 - Water, Sugar, Pineapple juice conc., Coconut cream, Pineapple puree, Salt


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