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We Asked Tea Lovers To Pick Their Fav Chai Label And They Did!


    Looking to gift the tea lover in your life an out of the box homage to their favourite brew, or wishing to explore some new flavours yourself, we asked a bunch of tea lovers for their recommendations and drew up a list of the most artisanal, offbeat and delectable tea brands that tea devotees would love sipping on. 

    Tea Trunk

    Tea Trunk

    Available on LBB

    Khadija is well-known for her love of tea and has friends and family bringing her exotic tea from their travels abroad all the time. That was before she discovered Tea Trunk though. Now, she is the one sending some truly exotic tea from Tea Trunk across to them, with love from India! Named after Snighda’s (founder) ancestral vintage tea trunk, this label is a tribute to all those who share a great love for the beverage. Whole leaf, flavoursome and super healthy - their unique blends will keep you coming back for more. Also, the packaging is gold! Khadija recommends their Apple Spice Black Tea.

    No.3 Clive Road

    No. 3 Clive Road

    Available on LBB

    Ipshita is quite the wanderluster so the tea label No.3 Clive Road seemed like an obvious choice. Their blends truly teleport you to a different era with each sip you take. Like the Aurangzeb Blend, that harks back to Mughal Delhi with flavours of rose, jasmine and marigold. Or the Jodhpur Blend with its blue cornflower petals reminiscent of the blue walls of the Mehrangarh Fort. Ipshita’s favourite? The Kashmiri Kahwa. According to her, it’s the closest you will get to paradise on earth while sitting in your drawing room.

    Stories By Satori


    Available on LBB

    The highlight of Saatwik’s day is when he has plonked himself down on his... yoga mat (not sofa, yep), cradling a giant mug of Hojicha (roasted green tea) from Stories By Satori. Ask him what Satori means and pat comes the reply. It is a Japanese Buddhist word for experiencing inner enlightenment. Want to gift bliss in a box to your loved ones? Choose the Lavender Dream out of their seven different boutique teas and thank us later.

    Sancha Tea Boutique

    In the words of C.S. Lewis - you can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit Devyani. Her bedtime routine mostly involves cuddling in with a big book and a bigger cup of the Sleeping Beauty Tea from Sancha Tea Boutique. Apart from over 100 different types of blends, this place also has tea-infusers, dainty, English tea kettles, cute, flowery trays and more for some real tea-time fun.

    The Hillcart Tales

    Nigel is a tea connoisseur and dessert lover rolled in one. So it didn’t come as a surprise when he picked The Hillcart Tales as his go-to tea brand. Their dessert teas really take the cake (pun intended). The Lemon Cake Dessert Tisane is a citrus brew with hints of orange leaf and lemongrass. Really want to take your gourmet tea gifting game several notches up? Hit the ‘gift shop’ tab on their website and be spoilt for choice. Nigel pestered us to splurge on the Festive Splendour combo and we did. Best buys ever. And the packaging - instaworthy AF!

    Dancing Leaf

    Dancing Leaf

    Available on LBB

    With two young ones dancing around her all the time, Sayani looks forward to that little window of quiet time when the kids are napping and she can sip on her chai in the balcony. She loves the heady elixir of tea, spices and herbs that the Dancing Leaf creates. Perfect for putting a weary mind and body to rest. Brew yourself a cup of calm or gift this to a friend who is forever hyper-ventilating and revel in the magic of what a simple cup of chai can do, even if it is for a little while everyday. Sayani reminded us to check out their range of tea accessories too.

    Dharamshala Tea Co

    This tea label brings the Himalayas to you in a cup. Neel, who recommended the brand loves the mountains and the joy a tiny cup of tea can be bring you on a frosty evening. He suggested we try the Himalayan Thunderstorm - a unique twist on your typical masala chai. Besides the obvious health benefits of combining black tea with herbs and spices, the teas from this label will awaken your senses, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. If you aren’t sure what your tea-loving folks would like, gift them a unique tea subscription program wherein every week or month they get small-batch teas carefully curated by the tea masters and blenders, from Dharamshala Tea Co.

    Homegrown Platter

    Supriya’s colourful personality will not settle for monochrome hues when it comes to her favourite brew. Her tone is peppered with excitement as she suggests we try the Blue Butterfly Tea from Homegrown Platter.  Butterfly Pea Flower Tea has the most beautiful and unusual bluish hue which changes from a deep blue to purple-pink when you add lemon or lime juice. Apart from the thrill of trying out a colourful tea, you should also know that blue tea has amazing health benefits as it is super rich in antioxidants. So why not give the gift of health to someone you love?


    Exalte Tea

    Available Online

    Daniel loves his tea very matcha. So, when it comes to this popular Japanese variety, he swears by Exalte. This label is the perfect choice if you are looking for indulgence in a cup. They offer a premium range of teas sourced from only the best and exotic gardens. Want to gift tea that truly taste divine? Look no further than their Apple Cinnamon Sangria. It is a revitalising blend of green tea with the sweet tartiness of apple and a dash of spice from the cinnamon.

    Tea Culture Of The World

    Urooj loves experimenting with her tea flavours as much as she loves experimenting with her hair colour. What better place to do that than the Tea Culture of the World. It’s just the place for a tea connoisseur with over 80 exquisite herbal and flavoured teas. Each one’s an experience in itself. Urooj tells us they have a ‘find your tea’ tab on their website which helps you decide which tea you should pick based on your preferences and lifestyle. If you gifting tea on your mind then their Vintage Tea Chest is stuff true tea lovers will surely appreciate.


    Now that tea is sorted let's take it up a notch? Check out these sweet, sweet cookies that you can order online and some great books to read while you savour your tea time.