No Cover Charge & Freshly Brewed Beer: Grid Is Where All The Millennials Are Partying

    Topsia, Kolkata


    90s music, no cover charge and cool crowd; this is the microbrewery all the millennials are heading to.

    Thinking Outside The Grid

    Grid is a mammoth 10,000-sq feet bar with a modern industrial feel spiked with artificial greenery. You’ll know why it’s called The Grid as soon as you walk in. The décor is grid-like – funky asymmetrical staircases {not the safest when you’re tipsy, though} and giant grid frames. Located conveniently — halfway between Salt Lake and South Kolkata — it’s the perfect mid-way meeting spot for friends who love across the city from each other.

    The bar has various levels. If you want to stand close to the bar and dance, the ground floor where the entrance is should be the best place. Want to sit down and enjoy some snacks while you drink and pull on a hookah, head to the levels above. The highest room is ideal for a party because it’s usually empty.

    Unlike other bars which have tiny, poky smoking rooms, the smoking room at The Grid is a spacious balcony-like glass room that overlooks the bar downstairs. It has tables and seating so you’re not uncomfortable when you smoke.

    Freshly Brewed Beer

    The Grid is one of Kolkata’s few microbreweries. They have a list of freshly brewed beers. They serve Hefeweizen, Porter, IPA and a Blonde Ale and even let you sample them before you pick your poison for the night. Plans to brew beer infused with local and seasonal ingredients like gondhoraj lemon and nolen gur are in the pipeline, *fingers crossed*.

    The popular favourite among the regulars is Caldera — a light German beer which is sweeter than normal beer so even non-beer drinkers will enjoy it.

    Throwback Music

    All you 90s kids, you’re in for a treat. The music here is right up your alley. Linkin Park to Pussycat Dolls, they have all the tracks you love from back in the day.

    If it’s your buddies birthday, you can request them to flash a personalised ‘Happy Birthday’ message on the screens above the bar.

    There’s no cover charge {not even on weekends!}. Even if you’re out for a Ladies Night, you won’t feel uncomfortable. The crowd is contemporary, relaxed and cool. Free entry for unlimited safe partying — count us in.

    Anything Else?

    Even though the bar is huge, it’s really popular and completely packed on Friday and Saturday nights. If you want space to sit, going early is your best bet. Drinks for two would cost a couple approximately INR 1,500. What’s awesome is that all the ingredients off the menu are sourced from within a 10-km radius of the city — shout-out to local produce!

      Topsia, Kolkata