This Kolkata Label's Clothes Made With Bengal Taant Are Fresh And Ideal For Your College Wear


Does that taant saree in your cupboard see the light of day once in a blue moon? The ladies at Bhomra Design Co. have taken it upon themselves to reinvent the elegance of taant in contemporary ways.

What Makes It Awesome

Wearing a taant saree is quite literally like wrapping everything that is Bengal around you. Kolkata’s Bhomra Design Co. is making trendy clothing from taant so even if a saree is not what you want to wear, you can still wear this magical Bengal handloom. Their collection includes Indo-western designs, super-stylish jackets, chic kurtis, tops and dresses. It’s perfect for summer because it’s light and breezy.

The idea behind Bhomra (bumble bee in Bengali) came from the many different motifs that the weavers of Bengal often sought inspiration from. Each weave of taant tells a different story, some of the blue sky and stars, and others of flowers and fishes.

They also regularly set up stalls at different exhibitions around the country, and not just in the city. Their fabrics are the customary weaves of taants, dhakais, and tangails. They also have a men’s collection and a kids collection, as well as home décor pieces are lined up for the future. The prices are reasonable, starting from INR 1,800.