Handcrafted Glass Lanterns To Ceramics: Bunny Arts Has Stunning Home Decor Products

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Bunny Arts

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What Makes It Awesome

Beautify your home with stunning handmade products using glass curated from all over the world with utmost love and care by Tania Malhotra, a full-time digital marketing strategist.

Bunny Arts is a start-up that sells handmade home décor products across India, Singapore and Canada. A passion that turned into business thanks to Tania’s knack for handicrafts, Bunny Arts does not believe in only making profit.

Its aim is to spread handmade happiness all over the globe with its exciting range of unique handcrafted artefacts perfect for decorating your homes. Like Tania says, it’s not just about selling products to decorate homes, it is about spreading unconditional love and joy in the world.

Choose from a wide variety of products ranging from glass jars, vases, glass bowls, clay jars, glow jars with LED tea lights, hand-painted lanterns, hanging planters and heart shaped candle holders. You can also buy ceramics, bottles and display art plates. Tania uses acrylic paints, oil paints and varnish to give each piece a perfect finish. They also have hand-painted clay pots and coasters in whimsical designs. 

Ideas from all across the globe are brought together and carefully crafted with sheer perfection. Everything is curated and handcrafted by Tania herself.

The prices start at INR 250 and can go up to INR 1,200.


You can also get your product customized adding a unique and personal touch to it. Tania sells her products from her house or through Facebook.