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Make A Plan: Join Up For Polo Lessons At The World’s Oldest Polo Club

Moyurie posted on 04 December


Did you know that the Calcutta Polo Club is the oldest polo club in the world? Here’s how you can become a member and try your hand out at one of the most aristocratic sports in India.


Hold Your Horses

Apart from being the oldest polo club in the world, Calcutta Polo Club is also the only club in Eastern India authorised to professionally train people in polo — so if you have always had a knack towards trying out this sport, there’s no place like CPC to get some hands-on training. You can avail a variety of polo courses and training programmes, and also club memberships so that you can access the lush greenery for a match or just a horse ride along with the club facilities.

You can enjoy the club facilities from Tuesdays to Sundays {5am to 8pm and 3pm to 7pm} and polo facilities on the mornings of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Take Your Pick

You can opt for a two-month certificate course which covers a crash course in horseback riding and polo in the span of 24 classes. The cost is INR 7,000 for school students, INR 7,500 for college students and INR 8,000 for others. If you wish to extend the time period, you can do so at INR 500 for every 30 days.

Their four-month certificate course is the same as above — except it has 30 classes. Also, this course is inclusive of the full riding kit {breeches, helmet and chaps}. School students have to shell out INR 14,000, and college students INR 14,500. For everyone else, it costs INR 15,000. If you want to participate in the amateur practice matches conducted in weekends, it costs an extra INR 500.

You could also get an Annual Temporary Membership which allows for the whole family to avail 30 complimentary rides {within six months of membership} and club facilities for a year at an entrance fee of INR 10,000, and monthly fee of INR 800. After the complimentary rides are over, each ride shall cost INR 300. If you wish to practice polo under this scheme, it will cost you only INR 100 for a 100 balls, and practice matches will cost you INR 500.

The Premium Membership is subject to committee selection and approval. This membership type is mainly for the regular riders and polo players of CPC. The entrance fee shall cost you INR 40,000, which will allow you to avail 40 complimentary rides in a year, after which every ride will cost INR 250. There is also a monthly subscription fee of INR 600, and you can avail the polo practice for INR 100 for 100 balls, and the practice matches for INR 500. This premium membership category will allow you and your family to avail not only the Calcutta Polo Club facility but also all other reciprocal polo clubs across the globe and gold seating during polo events and matches.

Then they have a Junior Gymkhana Membership — school students are recommended this membership as it allows for continuous riding practice for an entrance fee of INR 20,000 which allows for 20 complimentary rides in a year. After the complimentary rides are over, you can avail a ride for INR 300. This membership needs a monthly subscription of INR 600. For polo practice, you have to pay the standard INR 100 for a 100 balls, and for practice matches, you have to pay INR 500.

If you’re not a member but still want to freshen up with a game of polo, fret not, CPC also accommodates guests. Guests can avail a session of horseback riding at INR 400, a session of riding as well as stick and ball for INR 500, while outstation guests can avail the same at INR 600 and INR 1,000 respectively. And if you’re not a rider but wish to accompany a member, you can easily do so at a charge of INR 100.

Anything Else?

If you are gearing up for a course at CPC, do not worry about scurrying around to look for polo shops, the shop at Calcutta Polo Club is renowned all over the country for its quality gears and polo souvenirs.

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