Beach Please! 8 Popular Beaches Of Bengal You Must Visit

The clear waters of Bay of Bengal, estauries of the mighty River Ganga, unexplored shores and lazily stretched coastline make Bengal a paradise for beach lovers. Get some sand in your toes and sea breeze in your hair with the help of this handy list of the most popular beaches of Bengal.


The natural beauty of Digha beach with its swaying casuarinas and palm trees make for some breathtaking views. Apart from beautifying, these trees also aid in reducing the erosion of dunes. The sunset and sunrise reflecting on the salty waters of the Bay of Bengal is something straight off an artist's canvas. You can also drive over to New Digha, which is barely 5 minutes away. The van ride from Digha to New Digha criss-crossing through the palm forests is truly exciting. Luckily, New Digha is more conducive to swimming so you could get your swimming gear on and take a plunge here.


Mandarmani is one of the longest motorable beaches in India. You can take your car for a spin on the beach or avail of the beach bike facility. Revel in a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Shop at a string of local stalls selling shells, handmade jewellery and handicrafts or take a trip towards the Mohana (Estuary) during sunset. There’s a lot to do here.


A lighthouse overlooking the confluence of a river and the sea, winding trails lined by casuarina and eucalyptus trees, a secluded beach - Junput offers plenty of attractions if you are willing to look beyond Digha and Mandarmani. Junput is about 9 kms from Contai town and is 40 km away from Digha by bus. Drive to Contai from Kolkata and then take a left turn towards Junput. Unlike Digha beach, during low-tide Junput becomes very wide and long enabling you to indulge in leisurely walks on the beach or picnic in the fir tree plantations. 


The south facing crescent shaped beach of Bakkhali is one of the rare ones in the world that offer great views of both sunrise and sunset. White sandy beaches, an abundance of red beaked seagulls and calm waves, this place will win you over with its tranquillity. Long walks on this beach, with sand in your feet and coconut water in hand is as therapeutic as it gets. The Bishalakshmi temple at the end of the beach is worth a visit.

Tourist Attractions

Bakkhali Beach

Fedric Island, West Bengal



    Tajpur is a hidden gem. It lies on the Kolkata - Digha route. The main attraction of Tajpur is its beautiful beach, lined with dense tamarisk trees. You will see the sand carpeted with red crabs during the day. At the break of dawn, you will get to witness the chaotic yet delightful cacophony of the seagulls at the beach.

    Tourist Attractions

    Tajpur Beach

    Tajpur, Bera Khana, West Bengal



      An island in the Sunderban, Sagardwip Beach lies right on the estuary of the River Ganga, which adds both beauty and sanctity to it. Miles of silvery sand, the expanse of shimmering waters and clear blue skies - need we say more? The surrounding waters of the Bay of Bengal have low undercurrents and tides, making it ideal for swimming. Every year, in the month of January, the Gangasagar Mela held here witnesses a huge influx of pilgrims from different parts of the country. The beautiful Sagar Lighthouse adds to the popularity of the beach.


      Frazerganj, named after Lieutenant Governor of pre-independent Bengal Andrew Frazer, is an extremely scenic beach. You will love this picturesque beach located in the Sundarbans region for its quiet seclusion and serenity. The main landmark of the Frazerganj beach are the towering wind mills. There are several dilapidated houses at the beach, which the locals believe are the remnants of Frazer’s famed bunglow.

      Henry's Island

      Located on the western edge of the Sundarban, Henry’s Island is fast developing into West Bengal’s favorite Beach Resort. A quaint beach at an easy 4-5 hour drive away from Kolkata, It is all about long stretches of golden sand, red crabs and picturesque views. Henry’s island offer an interesting mix of beach and mangrove forest. A place, where you can laze on the beach and spot wildlife simultaneously.