Fancy A Grand Wedding? Step Away From Boring Banquet Halls, Into These Grand Old Mansions


    Wondering how to make your D-day epic? How about a grand wedding with a royal touch—sounds good, doesn’t it? So, dump those boring banquets and pick one of Kolkata’s grand mansions and rajabaris. Here are a few you can choose from.

    Sovabazar Rajbari

    Nothing can come more close to your dream of the grand palatial wedding than having it in Kolkata’s most iconic palace, the Sovabazar Rajbari. This palatial building flanked by Tuscan pillars and sprawling courtyards was founded in the 1730s by Raja Naba Krishna Deb, one of old Kolkata’s most prominent zamindars.

    One of the major attractions of Kolkata with its centuries-old Durga Puja, it is best to book this palace for your D-day at least a year back from the event, suggests Praveen Raj of Wedding Sutra. They will pull out all stops to give you a feel of the elegance of a bygone era — gaddas, hookahs, vintage chandeliers, antique memorablia and faux gas lamps. You will feel like royalty in this majestic palace that had once hosted the likes of Sir Robert Clive and Warren Hastings. Rent this palace for INR 60,000 and above (depending on the time and demand).

    Chaatu Babu Latu Babu Mansion

    Located right at the heart of Beadon Street, the Chaatu Babu Latu Babu mansion is another majestic palace built in the 1780s by one of Bengal’s millionaire merchants — Babu Ramdulal Dey. This European-styled mansion with a huge courtyard flanked by colonnade columns and antique Belgian glass chandeliers screams of royal grandeur. While rent starts at INR 30,000, bookings can be done as early as a year back from the date of the wedding. Decoration packages are INR 1 lakh onwards.

    The Rajbari Bawali

    Around 35km away from Kolkata, the palace of the zamindars of Bawali is a luxurious crib set in the backdrop of rural Bengal. The rajbari has been recently restored to its former glory and charm, and modern luxurious amenities have been added. The Chokher Bali room is stacked with antique woodwork and artefacts from centuries back, making this neo-classical palace resort perfect for an extravagant royal wedding. From special Bhutanese healers for a pre-wedding pampering to a promised experiential stay amidst nature, Rajbari Bawali is a treat you can give yourself and to your guests at INR 5 lakh and above. Bawali’s kitchen can also take care of your wedding feast.

    Itachuna Rajbari

    If you are considering a small guest list, but vintage royal is still what you crave for then the Itachuna Rajbari at Khanyan, Hooghly is the best deal for you. Also known as the ‘Bargee Danga’, this 200-year- old magnificent red-bricked palace with five courtyards, and its antique caskets, ornate wooden décor and framed memorabilia from the past make for an ideal setting for an opulent wedding. Bookings to secure the premises must be done 8 to 10 months before the wedding and rent is available on request.

    Jhargram Rajbari

    If destination royale is the theme of your wedding, then the Jhargram Rajbari is a good palace to consider. This magnanimous palace with vaulting domes and sprawling courtyards boasts of Italian-Islamic architectural influences and screams of vintage splendour. Now turned into a heritage resort, the palace definitely fits the bill for your grand exotic wedding. Rent is available on request.