Can't Decide What To Gift To Your Sagittarius Friend? Check Our Gifting Guide


    Confused about what to gift your Sagittarius friend? Well, we're here to help. It's the zodiac sign that loves to travel and has a knack for adventure and sports. They also love their freedom, speak their mind and are open-minded besides having an amazing sense of humour and quest for knowledge. So, for all you guys looking for what to gift the Sagittarius in your life, bookmark this recommendation.

    For The Love Of Travel!

    SYGA DIY World Trip Map Art Wall Sticker for Study Room

    Anything to do with travel, a Sagittarius will love it! It's one zodiac sign that loves the outdoors, loves to explore different cultures. You can  gift them vegan and eco-friendly backpacks from Clan Earth or, maybe, travel pouches and an upcycled passport organiser from Mrittika for all their tickets, checks, travel documents, money and passport. NEst by Arpit Agarwal's stationery and lifestyle (bookmarks, postcards, utility pouches, tote bags) products inspired by the Northeast culture, heritage and symbols also make for great gift ideas. Also, browse through luggage tags, document holders and checklists from Origin One. You can also get them DIY Vinyl World Trip Wall Sticker from Amazon.

    Writer In The House!

    A Sagittarius loves to write! And what better gift can you give to a writer than notebooks and journals so they can pen down all their thoughts, stories and ideas. NEst by Arpita Agarwal's collection of notebooks inspired by the tribes, cultural heritage, symbols, flora and fauna of the Northeast are ideal. Origin One also boasts of a unique range of planners, diaries and journals for the 'design-loving global nomad'. 

    Adventure Lovers!

    A Sagittarius is a sucker for the wild and all things adventurous. So, how about you gift them trekking or camping gear from Wildcraft or wildlife souvenirs and collectibles from PashooPakshee, if he/she is a wildlife enthusiast and loves going on safaris and stuff. Wildcraft's range of sleeping bags (regular and insulated), tents, hiking poles, boots, headlamps, and accessories like water bottles, travel kits, and camera packs make for great gift ideas for a Sagittarius who loves the outdoors.

    Love For Sports!

    Class of 92 Carved Wooden Poster

    A Sagittarius is usually a great athlete and extremely passionate about sports. So, why not gift them carved wooden posters of their favourite sports team or player from Woodgeek?! Barcelona fan? Get them a Messi poster or if your friend is a Man-U fan, then then Class of 92 poster works well. You can create one too, if you'd like. We'd also suggest the handcrafted, decorative sculptures from Teak Tale for the passionate golfer or footballer friend.

    Knowledge And Humour!

    Postcards from Penguin: One Hundred Book Covers

    This zodiac sign are suckers for knowledge and have a pretty awesome sense of humour. They love to read, which is why we'd totally recommend the rustic Vintage Fan and Tele artisanal bookend from Teak Tale so they can show off their collection in style. Also, check out the 100 book covers postcard collection that Penguin has to offer. And, of course, you can always gift them books. Comic books as well because they happen to appreciate humour!