Kolkata's Most Beautiful Boutique Hotel Starts At Less Than INR 3,000 A Night


    Have friends in town and want to make sure they have a beautiful crash pad? Looking to pamper yourself in-town, through a relaxing staycation? Either way, The Corner Courtyard is your go-to place.

    What Is It?

    A 1904 zamindar bungalow converted into one of Kolkata’s most charming boutique hotels, The Corner Courtyard has seven gorgeous rooms in seven assorted colours – indigo, crimson, vermillion, ivory, charcoal, cadmium, virdian.


    What Did We Love?

    We can’t stop marvelling at the distinct personality each room exudes. While Indigo offers a colonial feel, Vermillion draws from tradition, and Virdian has an earthy feel. Cadmium’s sunny, yellow interiors will uplift you, while Ivory will make you feel like royalty with its Baroque theme, marble interiors and chequered flooring. Crimson’s Greco-Roman interiors are wow-worthy, and Charcoal will make you feel like the protagonist of a Satyajit Ray monochrome film.

    Each room has a desk, air conditioner, television, wardrobe, mini-bar, coffeemaker and clean and spacious bathrooms.

    In case you want to catch up on work or your social network, they have WiFi.

    Anything Else?

    A lot of thought has gone into every nook and cranny of this gorgeous hotel. It’s almost like a museum with handpicked antique furniture, an amazing collection of books on the city, old cameras, old windows and doors and many other vintage paraphernalia you can discover while walking around its corridors and corners.

    An entire wall on the ground floor has locks and keys that originally belonged to the property, another one has photos of the old house as it used to be.

    You can have your meals in the sunny, open-air restaurant and pâtisserie. If you want fresh air, choose the rooftop bar with tastefully handpicked benches and chairs. Their food is among the best in the city.

    So, We're Saying...

    Pick a colour, pick a room and and check yourself {or your friends} into The Corner Courtyard for a picture-perfect stay everyone on Instagram will envy. If you want a balcony, Virdian is the only room that has one, so ask if it is available. While rooms are priced between INR 4,000 to 5,000, MakeMyTrip regularly offers discounts {they offer prices as low as INR 2,700 a night sometimes}.