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Go Offbeat For A Change And Book A Trip To Mon - The Land Of The Konyak Tribe

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    Get away from the chaos of city life and visit Mon, the land of the Konyaks in Nagaland and a picturesque paradise for those looking for a break from the mundane.

    Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Mon is a peaceful and tranquil district known to be the home of the Konyak tribe divided into the Thendus and Thenthos. The former is easily identified by their tattooed faces while the latter can be recognised by their white faces besides the traditional loincloth look and heavy accessories. Mon is the perfect place to be if you wish to see and experience a life drastically different from your own. 

    There are quite a few places around that you can visit like the Veda Peak - the highest in the district offering breathtaking views of the Brahmaputra and Chindwin (that runs through Burma) rivers. Don't miss out on the pristine waterfall located within the confines of the peak. It's stunning! Also stop by the Shangnyu, Chenloisho and Longwa villages. The first has the Angh's house (the Konyak tribe's chief) located here that's believed to be over 500 years old. The second one is close to the India-Myanmar border and is home to a small museum comprising traditional ornaments and human skulls (Konyaks were headhunters guys!). 

    Longwa is one of the largest villages here and consists of the Angh's house that lies half in India and half in Myanmar! About four rivers flow through the village - two each in India and Myanmar. Bizarre fact - the chief here has 60 wives and rules about 70 villages (including those in Arunachal and Myanmar)! Catch a glimpse of the beautiful Doyang river, Nagaland science centre, the Hong Kong market, Shilloi Lake, camps of the Assam Rifles and the international border. 

    And, of course, how can you miss out on Naga food? It boasts of a unique cuisine with lots of rice, pork, beef, veggies, meat variants, bamboo shoots and super spicy chutneys. Go around the local markets for souvenirs - wood carvings, jewelry, headgear and machetes (the Konyaks are excellent craftsmen!). 

    There's lots to see and explore. Book a trip already!


    Book a trip in the first week of April for a first-hand experience of the rich Naga culture. It's the time when the Konyak tribe celebrate the Aoleang Monyu Festival - welcome the spring with open arms and pray for a good harvest. It's a feast like none other. Sacrifices are also made to appease the gods. There's lots of merrymaking with natives taking to the streets, singing folk songs, indigenous dances, rituals celebrating Nagaland's rich cultural heritage and propagating peace, progress and more communication between the people and the government.