No Nasties! Get Organic & Fair Trade Tees From This Brand That Scream Cool

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No Nasties

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What Makes It Awesome

I’m not proud to admit I never use to seriously consider what it takes to put food on my plate, or clothes on my back. I mean, how many of us really do? Doesn’t one just assume there’s a process in place – farmers farm, cotton goes to mills, and my favourite brands churn out uber cool clothes for me to buy off their racks and websites.

Enter No Nasties. I was introduced to them recently, and man did they give me a reality check. I went to their site because I’d heard about the cool tees they make, and god knows you can never have enough t-shirts! Here’s the first thing that caught my eye- before I even got to the t-shirt visuals - cotton takes up 5% of farm land, yet 55% of synthetic pesticides, and fertilizers are used on cotton in India. That couldn’t be the price we pay for our clothes right? Guess again.

Awesome designs and great prices aside, you will find so many more reasons to buy from No Nasties! They promise 100% organic, vegan, fair trade, and carbon-neutral clothing ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment. Which means no genetically modified seeds, only natural pesticides and fertilizers, and fair treatment of workers. Add to this soft, hypoallergenic cotton, cool prints and colours, and the option to customize. Suddenly your summer wardrobe staples will make more of a difference than you thought.

Started by Apurva and Diti from Mumbai, the enterprise has fashion designers, graphic designers and photographers, all to make sure you’re right on trend, and the tees fit great. Let's be honest, we probably aren’t in a position to contribute to organic farming at a grass root level. No Nasties meets us where we can make a difference, by giving us the choice to buy fair trade tees that look and feel great. Choose from quirky prints (ravens, cats, boats, florals), or classic tees in solid colours (earthy, pastels). You even have the option of customizing your own t-shirts. Tees are delivered in recycled, reusable cloth bags.

Pro Tip

You can also pick up organic canvas totes and soft knitted scarves from No Nasties.