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These Organic Hair Oils Are As Pure As A Mother’s Love

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One childhood memory I still cling onto is that of my mom oiling my hair. A simple act of love that you will probably see being reflected in every hair oil commercial. Reason? Nothing can replace the warmth, love and care that a good old champi from your mom or grandmom can give. While we would love to go back to this age-old ritual of TLC every chance we get, life always comes in the way. So, we put together a list of organic hair oils (made using only natural ingredients) that are as pure as a mother’s love.

Rustic Art

Deep Conditioning Hair Oil


Rustic Art has everything vegan, organic and natural for your skin and hair care. Their Organic Deep Conditioning Hair Oil will work like a charm on your hair roots. A combination of oils such as Avocado, Moringa, Olive, Shea nut and Sunflower, offer nourishment from root to tip. Perfect massage oil for all hair types.

Oriental Botanics

Red Onion Hair Oil


Have you tried everything from pressing down on certain acupressure points, to rubbing nails together, to applying a DIY hair pack, for healthy hair? Well, Oriental Botanics’ Red Onion Hair Oil might just be the solution. Onion juice is known to improve circulation and promote hair regrowth.

Under Tree Barber

Herbal Hair Oil


Under Tree Barber is bringing oiling your hair the old-school way back in fashion. They have a whole range of hair oils for all kinds of hair woes. A massage with their Herbal Hair Oil (mustard, amla, hibiscus, fenugreek, curry leaves, castor oil, tulsi leaves, black seeds, and Vitamin E) will take you back to the comforting sensation of a blissful champi that only the experienced hands of a barber under the tree can give.

The Switch Fix

Hair Oil Before Bath


The Switch Fix is where self-care meets planet-loving. They have a Hair Oil Before Bath (olive and sweet almonds) and Hair Oil After Bath (argan oil and vanilla extract), and that’s just all you need (along with their shampoo bars, of course) to have the perfect haircare routine. Oh and not to worry, the after bath oil is non-sticky and works more like a serum. 


Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil


You have used anti-dandruff shampoos, ever used a hair oil that keeps dandruff away? Soulflower has a Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil that’s super effective when it comes to the dandruff problem. Dampen your hair a little, massage this oil straight to the scalp in circular motions, leave it overnight and wave goodbye to dandruff.


Hemp With Avocado Hair Oil


Satliva is a hemp-loving brand that combines other superfoods with hemp in giving you healthy hair and skin. Treat your tresses with the goodness of hemp, avocado, castor, jojoba, peppermint and tea tree. Find yourself a quiet corner, let your hair down, pour a little oil onto your scalp and massage your hair worries away.

Three Sisters Organic

Coconut Oil


Not very experimental when it comes to hair oils? Me too. I always fall back on the tried and tested benefits of coconut oil for my haircare. Three Sisters Organic’s 100% pure cold pressed coconut oil always comes to the rescue when my hair is misbehaving. Lightly scented, not super greasy, and paraben-free, this one is a must-have.

Pro Tip

Focus on the middle portion of your head when you massage, that’s where the blood flows less. Then, work your hands down towards the back of your neck in gentle circular motions till the oil is well-absorbed.