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Stay Healthy With OZiva's Plant-Based, Ayurveda-Inspired Nutrition Products

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Trying to get to a healthier lifestyle? We suggest you check out OZiva.

    OZiva provides plant-based nutritional food products that are rich in protein, essential vitamins and minerals, fiber and also contain a blend of Ayurvedic herbs to help meet the nutrient requirements of the human body. Their ingredients are sourced from farms across the world while the products are free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colors. Most of 

    Find a wide range of superfoods in different flavours - plant protein, greens and herbs, plant-based collagen, matcha, biotin among others. Greens & Herbs is a blend of over 35 superfoods, greens and Ayurvedic herbs designed to detoxify the body, improve skin and digestion. If you're into smoothies, we'd recommend the Healthy Berry Collagen Smoothie - a fine blend of avocado and guava to boost collagen production naturally and also refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

    But if it's Matcha that you prefer, then try the plant-based one made with 100% organic handpicked Japanese matcha, licorice, activated charcoal and pomegranate. It helps remove dead cells and impurities, boosts stamina, and aids weight loss. 


    They also offer diet consultancy services, in case you're looking for guidance.

      Available Online