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    This Pujo, Wear The Devi & Her Avtaars On Your Clothes

    Sayani posted on 20 September


    This year take your pujo dressing a notch higher and wear your pujo mood with Param's new collection. From flowers and jewellery, find quintessential pujo motifs on your outfits here.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Parama has been wowing us with her eye-catching embroidered blouses and sarees every season, now. This time too with Durga Pujo nearing upon us, she has a collection to keep us fashion ready. Get high on the festive spirit this time and deck yourself with Prama's 'Her Homecoming' series that features photographs by celebrated photojournalist Kounteya Sinha. A red, white and black series featuring Apu, Shib-Parbati and Ma sarees, this one is perfect to welcome Durga on earth. 

    The other prominent collection to check out is her 'Pujo Flowers' line that features quintessential Devi flowers like the lotus, jaba  (hibicus) and shiuli. Hand embroidered on colourful Phulia cotton sarees and blouses, these are a perfect pair to wear and flaunt. Lotus and shiuli being one of the primary seasonal flowers, these motifs will also be available her new gourod (a type of silk) collection which also features a batik-kantha alpona range.

    Jewellery and decking up is an important part of pujo, especially wearing vintage heirloom pieces that sings of nostalgia and a glorious past. But since not all have access to such past, Parama used the thread and needle to recreate them on her blouses and sarees for all to wear. With designs taken from A. Sarkar's heirloom jewellery (check out the vintage Kanbala motif), these are a stunner to flaunt.

    Men, don't frown because like always Parama has a new collection of hand-embroidered and block-printed dhutis for you as well. The new motif to check is Rabindranath's seal (the one that was carved by Rathindranath for Rabindranath's official use) that runs along the border of the dhuti.

    Prices of the sarees start at INR 4,000 and the blouses at INR 1,500.


    Customisations are not available at this point. Beside online sale, her collection will be on a month-long (till October 15) display at Sasha store on Free School Street.

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