Get A Glimpse Into The Wild With These Wildlife Souvenirs & Collectibles

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What Makes It Awesome

This one is for all you wildlife enthusiasts - you're definitely going to love this brand.

A lot of us who've been on wildlife safaris have definitely shopped for souvenirs or collectibles to keep as memory. But, hey, if you haven't, then don't be sad. You can now shop for wildlife souvenirs from across the country thanks to PashooPakshee. The collectibles are so adorable yet quirky that we couldn't help but fall in love with them.

From khadi toys, stamps, bags, pouches, lapel pins, badges and brooches to wildlife t-shirts, scarves, bandanas, artwork kits, keychains and night lamps, PashooPakshee's variety of souvenirs and collectables left us amazed (and way too happy!). The brand is all about bringing the wild 'into your homes' and raising awareness and celebrating the diverse flora and fauna across the country. Their products are made by underprivileged women and local artisans, which is obviously great.

We totally love their range of 'A Parliament of Owls' and the safari-themed t-shirts. The soft toys are made of khadi representing different colours and textures of the wild. Looking for night lamps for your room? Pick one from their Jalli Night Lamps collection - all of it hand-carved using wood or stone by the Jaali artisans of Rajasthan. The bags and pouches - drawstring, messenger, sack, box pouches - are too cute to handle. They start at INR 280. Keychains and fridge magnets start at INR 180 and INR 200 respectively. 

Whether you're a wildlife lover or not, we'd definitely suggest that you hit up PashooPakshee for these super adorable and easy on the pocket souvenirs and collectables for yourself.


Shipping charges range between INR 50 to INR 200. It's free for orders above INR 5,000 and usually takes about a week to 10 days for your box to arrive.