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Hit Up These Places For The Best And Biggest Burgers In Town

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We understand that a lot of you have a soft corner for those juicy grilled patties. And the relationship between the buns and the patty is one of the sweetest love stories in the history of gastronomy you'll ever come across. That is why we have picked these places for the biggest burgers in town.

My Big Fat Belly

Make sure you execute a couple of exercise for your jaws before you take a bite of their burger, because they are that big! My Big Fat Belly serves amazing pizzas, chicken wings and burgers. But one of their signature burgers is the Big Bong Burger. It includes kosha mangsho, pulled lamb, onion rings, kasundi mustard mayonnaise and cheese sauce. We can sense too many calories already!

Burger In Law

Located in Salt Lake, Burger in Law is the conjunction for all the burger lovers in Kolkata. We can blatantly say this place has the biggest burger in town. With some cool names for the burgers, like The Magicshroom for the ones who can't get over mushrooms and The Scuba Dive for the seafood lovers, this place is worth saving your pocket money for.

Bikers Cafe

One of the finest cafes for breakfast, Bikers is a place for two-wheeler enthusiasts. And if you are entering the place keeping in mind that you only want to have burgers and nothing else, then start with their Ironhead Bikers BBQ Ranch Burger. And go a step higher with the Terminator Lamb Burger for a rush of meat!


Hondo's has to be one of our favourite spots for those giant buns. Hondo's is open 24x7 and you can go anytime of the day or night to hog on the Thor, Wolverine or Hellboy burger. The Thor burger comes with two patties of beef, pork or chicken, Hondo's Hell Sauce and two layers of cheese, topped with onion rings and bacon. Phew! That already sounds gigantic.


SAZ has one of the most enviable tenderloin burgers to offer. Located on Camac Street inside the iconic Fort Knox building, it has a scenic view of the city from the 9th floor. Enjoy that view on a lovely Calcutta evening while you cut your burgers tenderly, with the mayo dripping down from all sides.

Monkey Bar

The love for Monkey Bar's buns and patty is known to everyone. It offers a variety of new patties inspired from the cooking styles and flavours from Asia to the West. Offerings such as herbs and spice-fried chicken, black bean mayo, cheese sauce, Thai Style Chicken Burger with lime leaves, chilies, garlic, lemongrass and galangal spiced chicken patty with iceberg lettuce, white cheddar cheese and sesame and garlic Arugula, force us to go there repeatedly. A must-have from the menu would be the Chilli Pork Burger with hoisin chili pulled pork, sweet sour raw mango-papaya salad, smoked bacon and cheddar cheese. Green lovers can go for the Barnyard Burger made with a crispy fried vegetable patty with red pepper relish, wine- braised onions, baked beans and white cheddar cheese. But our fave would be the Double Trouble Burger with two grilled beef patty, Kasundi relish, onion jam, roast gravy and grilled tomato.