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Make A Plan: Chill Out Mid-Week With These Music Gigs

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Looking for a mid-week musical breather? Then you have to stop by Sunset Resto Lounge for free performances with In The Mid.


What is it?

Well known event organisers Smoke Inc. {think Jamsteady, Thursday Jazz Encounter, CalBunka etc.} now brings you a chance to enjoy live indie music right in the middle of your week at the Sunset Resto Lounge, Lytton Hotel. In The Mid showcases local, indie music talent on a platform for viewers which is absolutely free.

So no need to wait for Friday night {or even the weekend} to check out your local music scene because with its cocktail of original music, covers and old school hits {and actual cocktails}, In the Mid has you sorted.

This week’s edition of In the Mid will feature the musical trio of Saurav, Shreya Bhattacharya and Abishek Dey. Initially Calcutta-based, this trio is just fresh out of Bombay so we’re lucky to have them back in the city.


Who Is It For?

Everyone! Ranging from lovers of the indie music scene to first time music enthusiasts, this will be a performance to help you all get acquainted with and appreciate indie music, and performance music in general.


Why Should I Go?

Because the Calcutta indie music scene is still quite nascent, so let’s give it a boost as much as we can.  If that doesn’t convince you, there is an attached bar with pretty happy rates.


Anything Else?

Get ready to rock out to a fusion of pop, jazz, R n B and neo-soul. Entry is free and no passes are required. Just keep an eye out for In the Mid’s upcoming editions and support local artists! Check out the Facebook page here.


A pitcher of beer costs just INR 500-600, so live it up!