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Stay In A Quaint Homestay In The Middle Of Orange Orchards In Darjeeling

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What Makes It Awesome

If Darjeeling tea and Kanchenjunga were giving you the high, then consider Darjeeling tea coupled with Kanchenjunga, tranquil serenity and the tangy, sweet burst of oranges.

Rodhighar Homestay is in a secluded village tucked in the hills of Darjeeling district in West Bengal. You’ll be in the charming Himalayan hillside towns of Mirik, Sittong and Sukna relishing pulpy, sweet oranges that grow in clusters around these places. The places are not thronged by the usual touristy crowds and hotels are absent. Instead, you will stay in the homes of local people (think charming wooden cottages) and enjoy their hospitality and food.

The oranges, known as 'Darjeeling oranges' because they grow in that district, are quite different from their Nagpur cousins — they are smaller and deliciously sweet and fleshy. You’ll also find pomelo oranges growing in clusters here. Visit the orchards and tread carefully because there’ll be oranges carpeting the ground below!

When in Mirik, visit School Dara to stay close to the orchards. Rodhighar Homestay, with its British-style cottages, is a good place to hole up in. Rodhighar has its own orchard and an organic farm. The orange village of Sittong is close to Kurseong and is still untouched by commercial honchos. Apart from the oranges, you’ll love the tender, green squash and the fiery hot local chillies (aka the famed dalle).

Pro Tip

Don’t pick oranges from the trees without permission because most of the produce are often already sold by the owner. And don’t forget to indulge in the locally-produced fruity marmalades, preserves and jams.