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Hic Hic Hurray! Get Beer For Under INR 150 At These Pubs In Kolkata

Love beer and wanna drink without burning a hole in your pocket? Get a pint of beer at less than INR 150 at these pubs.

Known for its rock bottom alcohol prices, this iconic pub on Park Street will keep your bank balance happy. Starting at INR 100, it’s ideal for drinking in a big group. Don’t expect much from the ambience or service quality; keep the focus on the drinks.

This one is Salt Lake’s chosen pub for cheap beer, many IT professionals flock here post work. Prices are as low as INR 110 all day every day. They get bonus points for the awesome snacks to back up the cheap beer – we especially love the Crispy Chicken and Mutton Patiala.

On regular days you can grab a beer for INR 180, but on Monday to Friday Happy Hours, the prices go down to INR 99 + INR 29 or INR 99 + INR 99 for a pint. Talk about a sweet beer deal!

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