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Try Out These Delicious Sugar Plum Fritters From Nanighar!

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What Makes It Awesome?

All those people I am close to already know how badly I was searching for Taaler bora. I called and texted people to ask, “Tomar barite banache keo taaler bora?” or “Tumi jano kauke j taaler bora banache?”

I searched hard then finally came across Nanighar’s post, and I almost cried in happiness. I love Nanighar

Taaler bora or Sugar palm fritter is a Bengali delicacy usually linked with Janmasthami or the birth of Lord Krishna. It is served to the Lord as a prasad then distributed among all. Its link leads back to year-old rituals which we Bengalis still try to preserve.

Nanighar have the softest and yummiest Taaler bora, its just same as barir one, although no one makes Taaler bora at my place. Not only Taaler bora, but they also have this amazing Taaler kheer, with grounded coconut. It's delectable. Few things can never change like having this Taaler bora during Janmasthami...and I am happy to find this wonderful place where I could rely on the numerous mom chefs who cook with love