Walk Down This Street In Kolkata, The Only One In The World Which Hosts Every Religious Institution

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The Unfaithful Walk will take you down the only street in the world which hosts religious institutions of every faith– from the Parsi Fire Temple to the Armenian Church.

What Is It?

Here’s one more reason to marvel at the uniqueness and diversity of Kolkata. The city hosts {and has been home to} people from hundreds of religious faiths. This one road in the city {near Dalhousie Sqaure} hosts institutions from almost every major religion. Let Us Go takes you on a walk down the road, rediscovering these iconic buildings and places of worship. One single street playing home to such diversity – a single street that sums up the faith of the city.

Who Is It For?

Those interested in the history of the city, those looking to rediscover Kolkata in a new light and those who appreciate diversity, this one is for you.

Why Should I Go?

Because in just three hours, you get a comprehensive tour of the most iconic places of worship in the city. The Scottish Church, Mission Church, three catholic churches and synagogues. The Armenian Church, Chinese Church, Parsi Fire Temple and many more places will be covered.

Anything Else?

The tour starts from St. Andrew’s Church, Dalhousie Square and costs INR 1,499 per person. You can book a slot here or check out more details here. After you place your booking, confirm it on 9674917877.

Time: 7:30 am to 10:30 am.

When: November 26.