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Baby It's Cold Outside: We Found 6 Cocktails To Keep You Warm This Winter

Ten-Second Takeaway

Brandy-based, whisky-laden and oodles of bourbon, here’s LBBs list of cocktails that we’re heading straight for to fight the winter bug.

Ping Fashioned At Ping’s Café Orient

A twist on the old fashioned {a sweet, ginger homemade syrup and star anise instead of the sugar cube} The Ping Fashioned is the newest drink we’re loving this winter. The spice from the star anise lends a kick which hits you right at the back of your throat – a perfectly warming sensation that is ideal for winter. You also can’t miss out on their Hot Chocolate Foam with rum – although technically a dessert, the generous quantities of rum mixed with the soft frothy hot chocolate foam will warm your insides faster than you can say ‘cold’.


Ping's Cafe Orient

2-A, Sir William Jones Sarani, Park Street Area, Kolkata


Warm Toddy At The Quantum

The newest kid on the block, the Quantum is a lounge and bar that serves potent, pack-a-punch cocktails and nibbles to go with it. For the impending cold weather, the Warm Toddy sounds ideal. The menu description of the warm toddy literally reads “for patrons to get relief from cold/cough/flu}. The brandy-based drink is a take on the classic hot toddy which is a concoction of liquor with honey and herbs – the ideal combination for anything from an irritable throat to a stuffy nose {which happens so often in winter!}.

Elixir At The Fatty Bao

The Fatty Bao is going to be where we will be spending a lot of our winter afternoons soaking in the winter sun that floods through its huge 8th floor windows. To go with the ‘keeping warm’ theme that their hot bowls of ramen and flooding natural sunlight, we’ll be heading straight for their Elixir. A bourbon whisky base topped with maple syrup, apple and pear, this brings together all the things we love about winter – crunchy apples and the option of drinking bourbon without overheating.


The Fatty Bao


Fort Knox Building, 8th Floor, 801-A, Camac Street, Elgin, Kolkata


Shots At Ozora

Ozora is one of the few places that does warming shots that are creative, inventive and incredibly intense. For winter, we love the Flaming Lamborghini shot – a hit of a flambeed concoction of coffee liqueur Baileys and whisky and the The Cold Remedy shot – literally to remedy the biting cold and the sniffles, it’s a sweet dark mix with 56 herbs and aromats that will keep you warm all night. One of these babies is enough to keep you warm enough to not feel the cold on the windy rooftop bar.




Acropolis Mall, 20th Floor, 1858, Rajdanga Main Road, Shantipally, Kolkata


Pack A Punch At Monkey Bar

A Monkey Bar special, this beauty {which you can also order by the pitcher} has a rum and brandy based and is topped with apple thyme shrub and cinnamon. If you want to get creative, you could call it a boozy apple pie! It’s a refreshing take on Charles Dickens’ gin punch. Take your drink to the open-air part of the bar and enjoy the 9-storey-high view without letting the cold get to you.


Monkey Bar


Fort Knox, 9th Floor, 901-A, Camac Street, Elgin, Kolkata


Smoky Tennessee At The Grid

Even though The Grid is known for its beer, there’s no denying its cocktails are incredibly complex {and theatrical!} too. The Smoky Tennessee is a great example of just that. There’s nothing more soothing to the soul than bourbon on a cold winter evening and that’s exactly what this cocktail is. The smoky flavour of bourbon whiskey stands out against the curious combination of cinnamon {the drink comes with a cinnamon stick in the glass} and slices of lemon.


The Grid


Haute Street Corporate Park, Ground Floor, 86-A, Topsia, Kolkata