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    5 Types Of Modak You Find In The City & What It Says About You!

    The spirit and excitement of Ganesh Chaturthi is felt in every glimpse of the festival and through the pretty lights of the city, right from the music to aartis, from dance to even special food, and all of this is incomplete without a plateful of everyone’s favorite thing to eat, ‘Modaks’. They are synonymous with every feel-good emotion and we couldn't agree more. But, Modaks are best relished with Tasty Treat Namkeens (our pick for this festive season!) You’ll thank us later for suggesting this cracking combo. Till then, here are the types of Modak you would come across. 

    Ukadiche Modak

    This is the real deal. These Modaks are the traditional ones made with a combination of coconut, jaggery, and sugar topped with generous amounts of ghee. Isn't it  #yummylicious? If these are your favorite ones, you’re a good 'ol traditionalist!

    Chocolate Modak

    Who doesn’t love chocolate? The chocolate-infused Modaks are one of the festive favorites (ours too, btw). And If this is your pick, you’re a softy at heart and love the concept of love. (Now, go show some love to the Modak!)

    Dry Fruit Modak

    These Modaks are made of gooey mawa/khoya, chunks of dry fruits and sugar. If this is your pick, then you’re someone who loves to add a little sweetness & spunk to your life. A little bit of both is a great thing!

    Gluten-Free Modak

    We get it. You love healthy stuff (we applaud the dedication, y’all). If this is your favorite Modak, then you don't settle for the basics. You make a beeline towards artisanal and gourmet foods all the time, treating your body like a temple. Good on you, mate!

    Mawa Modak

    Tired of complexity? These basic mawa Modaks are a perfect choice! Made with minimal ingredients, we are sure these are everyone's favorite. So yeah, if it's everyone’s favorite, that makes you everyone’s favourite too. Now show us that dashing debonair smile!

    As mentioned earlier, you can never truly rejoice these tasty Modaks until you savor it with some namkeen! You see, we gotta spice things up a bit. And, we've got the perfect remedy in the form of the Tasty Treat's namkeen spread. You see, we found the Modak's perfect partner right here.

    What really makes it awesome is that you can pair the spread with crunchy Tasty Treat Chips, Nachos, Bhujia or Classic Namkeen snacks and the entire experience will be one for the books. Festive mode: Totally on! So this festive season, stick to your desi roots and snack desi style with Tasty Treat.

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