Guilt-Free Snacking While At Home? Here's Where You Can Order Healthy Snacks Online

Looking for something to munch on while watching your favourite series or to satisfy those crazy midnight hunger pangs? Fret not. Hit up these online brands to get your favourite (and healthy) snacks delivered at your doorstep.

The Mint Enfold

Founded by nutrition expert and author Ritika Agarwal, The Mint Enfold offers guilt free, organic products made using ingredients straight out of nature. Remember your dadis and nanis telling you to eat the real deal to live a happier and healthier life? That's exactly what this label offers. All their products - crackers, granola, nut milk, super food, cookies, truffle balls, puddings, dips and dressings - are preservative free and carefully made (not manufactured!) in small batches. DM them on Instagram or call on +91 6292208879 to place an order. 


Constantly face the struggle between health and taste? Well, not anymore because Snackible's range of snacks will ensure that you take care of both. Gorge on Cheddar Cheese Khakra, Wasabi Peanuts, whole wheat waffles, pita chips and lots of other stuff. All their snacks are either roasted or baked, not fried. Just log on to their website and place your order. 

Evolve Snacks

All of their snacks are preservative-free and come without any artificial additives. Made of quality ingredients, their snacks are reasonably priced and super tasty too. From flavoured seeds and fox nuts to quinoa masala puff and bajra mixture, Evolve offers it all. We loved the Baked Bhakarwadi and the Pita Chips in Smoked Herb and Tomato flavour.


Get a taste of traditional recipes thanks to Sattviko's range of snacks. Their snacks contain naturally sourced raw ingredients and medicinal herbs and come free of preservatives or artificial flavours. From Khakhra Superchips and Sabudana Supermeal to Roasted Makhana Superpops and Paan Raisins, they've got it all.

The Green Snack Co

This one provides nutritious, healthy and delicious snacks, made using different super foods. All their snacks are made using fresh and natural ingredients, with no added sugar, preservatives or MSG. Pick from Kale Crisps, Quinoa Puffs, 6 Grain Stix or better still, order their combo. They come in different flavours like Peppy Cheese, Saucy Salsa or Fiery Spice. Try the cheese and onion flavoured kale chips.


Admit it! There's no snack better than chips and dips. And Dipsters offers you exactly that. With irresistible and eclectic flavours, Dipsters snack packs is the answer to your midnight cravings. There are five options available currently - Spicy Mayo Dip with Jalapeño Ragi Chips, Cheesy Jalapeño Dip With Peri-Peri Ragi Chip, Makhani Dip with Spicy Ragi Chips, Creamy Cheese Dip with Masala Ragi Chips and Chocolate Dip with Waffle Chips. So, order away!

The Healthy Cravings Co

Choose from a wide range of healthy and natural snacks only at The Healthy Cravings Co that also serves Jain options! Get through the week with their 7 Day Assorted Roasted Snacks Bundle that's got 3 packs of Makhanas and 6 packs of Jowar Puffs. They've got vegan options too as well as Cheddar Cheese flavoured Jowar Puffs! Awesome, right?