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Adult Colouring Books To Keep You Calm While On A Lockdown


    You could go running or kick-boxing to get rid of all the stress and negativity that’s been getting stored in your body – it works darn well. But there are days when you just don’t have the energy for any kind of physical activity and for those days, pick yourself a colouring book. For real.

    If the idea of that sounds good to you but the thought of looking out for a good first colouring book stresses you out, fret not.

    The Mindfulness Colouring Book

    The Mindfulness Colouring Book

    The Mindfulness Colouring Book

    This colouring book by illustrator Emma Farrarons has 112 pages filled with soothing patterns on ocean waves, butterflies, tea cups, cats, leaves, fishes, and other objects. This is a pocket sized book and is just the right balance between intricate and too simple.

    Price: INR 350

    Secret Japan Postcards

    Secret Japan Postcards

    This one’s pretty cool—it’s a book containing 20 detachable postcards. So once you’re done filling the pages with Japanese elements, you can tear it off and send it to your loved one (with a note,of course). This one is great if you’re terrible artistically, as the drawings are very simple and easy to follow.

    Price: INR 336

    Messages Nature Colouring Book

    Messages from Nature Colouring Book

    This is a 72-page colouring book with nice and thick paper. The illustrations are beautifully designed, inspired by elements of nature and are truly mesmerising.Every drawing in this book gives you a thought to ponder on, and has a small key message on each page. If you have a really good hand in shading and colouring, you can even go ahead and have a few of these sheets framed on your walls!

    Price: INR 321

    Calming Colouring Nature Patterns

    Calming Colouring Nature Patterns

    This one comprises 80 pages of nature patterns—leaves, petals, seeds, trees, landscapes—in fun, modern designs. You can convert some of your best work to wall hangings too. If you’re new to colouring and other books seem intimidating and time-consuming, this would be a great start.

    Price: INR 350

    Dreamland’s Refreshing Mandala

    Refreshing Mandala Colouring Book

    If Mandala’s have always attracted you, this book is perfect for creating your own piece. With thick paper, 64 designs and soothing designs, you can complete your colouring and use the illustration as a décor piece in your home, or to customise a plain diary cover! This one is super relieving and we’d recommend you try it once.

    Price: INR 175

    My Lack of Inner Peace Is Stressing Me Out

    My Lack of Inner Peace Is Stressing Me Out Colouring Book

    Did that hit too close to your heart? Then maybe this book is perfect for you. If you find yourself juggling between work and 10 million other things you want to but with 0 focus and energy to do it, this book will help you out. Instead of taking a break to watch the same old show, try taking a colouring break to fill this book up!

    Price: INR 415