Not Sure What To Gift That Dreamy Piscean Pal In Your Life? Bookmark Our Guide


    It is both easy and difficult to find that perfect gift that a Pisces will love (It is a task!). We say it is easy because they are so imaginative, creative and mystical. But these exact characteristics make our jobs difficult too. But you have us! We are here to help you out of this Catch-22 situation you're in. We have put together a guide of all things you can gift a Piscean without going wrong, and the best part is, they are all available online, just a click away. Remember, when a Piscean stops caring, that is it. No second chance. No pressure, just saying!

    Fashion Forward

    Urban Suburban

    Available on LBB

    Being a water sign, Pisces is all about going with the flow. When it comes to clothing, a Piscean woman is more drawn towards something that is dreamy, flowy and feminine. So, if she is a fashionista also, this one's a yes-yes! Make working from home or even lounging around more comfortable and chic for your Piscean friend with Kaftans from The Kaftan Company. They can dress up in Kaftans from these Indie brands and they’ll love you for it, trust us. In case you are looking for something that is filled with ruffles, subtle pastel colours and more feminine, then check out Urban Suburban for their dresses to co-ord sets that are sure to sort them out for date nights and brunches with friends. Lovers of the arts, gift them Indo-western or fusion wear made out of handlooms such as shibori, cotton, ikat and kalamkari from Kalp. Their designs have a good balance of Indian handlooms and western silhouettes, making them a perfect gifting brand.

    Accessorise It

    Joker & Witch

    Available on LBB

    People from this intuitive, artistic and magical sign believe less is more when it comes to accessorising. If you have a Piscean friend or significant other, then minimal yet striking accessories could be a well thought gift option. Having said that, they don’t mind adding a little pop of colour and drama to their look. Check out the Hamsa Handpainted Tassel Earrings from Krafted With Happiness for something different and stylish. Lovers of the ocean, keep them safe with the Ocean Covid-19 Mask from Kassa. Check out Joker & Witch for some minimal yet striking jewellery and Kassa for off-beat handmade jewellery options.

    Bath Bliss

    Mineral Project

    Available on LBB

    Being a water sign, what better gift for a Piscean than some heavenly smelling bath time indulgence? Pick up colourful handcrafted bath bombs and bubble bars from Crystal and Bubbles. These edible-looking chunky bars not only look great but smell divine too. Kaura has the coolest whipped soaps, freakshake bath bombs and bath salts. Get them to pack you a fun hamper and watch your Piscean friend squeal in delight! Take the pamper quotient several notches higher with luxuriously fragrant candles from The Mineral Project. Their hand poured, smokeless candles are ‘good vibes only’ all the way!

    Makeup Magic

    Pisces love everything glittery and magical. It is the same even when it comes to beauty, and who better than Queen Rihanna to testify that. Treat your friends or bae from this water sign with organic skincare and beauty products from Ilana Organics. Help them achieve the natural blush look with their beet tint and set the foundation right with the soft blur concealer and foundation. To add some drama to their look, gift them the Dramatic Eyelashes - Hues Of Warmth from CAL Los Angeles and add some glow with the Sculpt Blusher - Soft Coral. Gift them the Satin Matte Lipstick: Red from Disguise Cosmetics and they’ll look as glam as Rihanna does. 

    Notebook Drama

    If there is one trait you must know about your Piscean friend, it is their love for the written word. Give them books or better still journals that they can fill with their thoughts, ideas and feelings (which are usually overflowing). Nautanki Shaala’s zodiac sign notebook is a great pick. Indulge a Piscean’s love for quirk a little with funky notebooks from Fangled. Want them to go ‘oh that’s so me!’ when they see the notebook, then Noodle Doodle by RB is where you should shop from. Her notebooks and bookmarks with doodles that spell ‘Nope’ or ‘Cutie Patootie’ are all the rage with quirky stationery lovers.

    Dreamy Decor

    If dreamy is the word that comes to mind when you think about the Piscean in your life then The Hippie Vibes is where you can look for the dreamy decor. They have the most stunning macrame dream catchers you can lay your hands on. Pisceans are born story-tellers with a natural pull towards arts. The Plated Project has beautiful stories digitally printed on ceramic plates that will make for a great gift if he or she also happens to be a decor junkie. Try the Tippy Trails for quirky ceramic planters that will vibe well with a true blue Piscean. Want to score some real brownie points with this star sign? Get your dreamy BFF rainbow-hued ruffled curtains from Hippie Saaz and they will love you forever!

    Artsy Diffusers


    Available on LBB

    Pisceans tend to, well, freak out sometimes which is why they like to zone out and take some time to just relax. This diffuser is an awesome way for them to take some time out and put things into perspective. Nchant has a nose ring nasal diffuser, that your friend could wear like a nose ring. They will thank you for this calming gift. Check out Ajna Organics for their colourful ceramic diffusers. We think it just looks so dreamy and lovely; plus, the blue tones will definitely please the water sign. 

    Adventurous Snacking

    Pisceans' are adventurers at heart and they do not step back from trying things that are new and exotic even when it is healthy snacks that you're talking about. Like this pack of To Be Honest veggie chips made with ingredients like taro, beetroot, purple sweet potato is something they'd love to try out. Or how about you really test their sense of adventure by getting them a bar or two of camel milk chocolate?

    Oh, and if you've ever partied with a Pisces friend, you know they'll need this hangover detox drink by Morning Fresh to bring them back to their regular mood the next day. Or maybe these energy bars, who knows, with these dreamy heads one can never tell!


    If you thought once the season of Pisceans is over, you'll be relieved, well, well! It's time to start planning a gift for the fiercest fire sign, Aries, in your life. Go check out our gift guide for 'em!