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This Newbie In Kamala Mills Is All About Carbs

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What Makes It Awesome?

Dirty Buns - Combination of In House Bread Rolls and Buns. New Opening at Kamala Mills. Chef Boo. Take a Bow. U have done it again. Compact menu yet amazing. A complete American concept. Lovely decor. Feel easy sitting. It's all Carbs? No one can substitute Bread/Rolls with Lettuce/Salad with the same stuffing. This place has the Vibe and feel; rest let the cocktails and food do the talking. Not to Forgot, one of the best Pancakes I have had yesterday.

Started with Dirty Buns Martini - A bit tangy sauce of the pickle juice. Vodka base with Dill leaves and Lime Cordial. One can substitute Vodka with gin.

Purple Haze - This is Jamun (Not fresh though) with gin. A refreshing drink with a bit of white wine and a dash of Bitters.

Dirty Martini with tamarind - spicy and tangy as they have used jalapeño with Tequila as the base with agave. Loved the 3 drinks which we asked for.

Food: It was all Carbs (Realised later they can substitute with lettuce leaves) Dirty Bites - it was Salad, lovely. Balanced well with Grilled Romaine lettuce/avocado. Iceberg leaves, cherry tomatoes, charred corn (This is so Kim Boo) and orange fennel. Freshness all the way.

Crispy Prawn - loved the texture and the balance. Bold flavours. Chilli/garlic/lime/sesame.

Coming to Dirty Rolls - must try the Mac and Cheese (Drool) it's all about texture taste balance and calories. Homemade soft melt in the mouth topped with Cheddar and parmesan a few bread crumbs with the aroma of truffle oil. Not to miss. This is heavy.

Lobster - their signature roll. Fresh catch (Not fishy) served with warm Garlic butter. Need to pour the entire butter on the bread. Yum. Crispy Onions over the top gave the crunchiness. Go for it.

Birty Baos - Pan Seared Tofu with pineapple chutney and pickle. Steak Like silken tofu stuffed in-between the homemade boa (made fresh/In-house/ Melt in the mouth) tangy/sweet with scallions. This was amazing. Do try it out.

Dessert - The Best Pancake I have had - Pancake (soft/airy/fluffy) serve with season fruit (Diced mango and kiwi) gives you that sweet/tangy taste. Mint gives you the freshness. Maple Butter. To top it, Orange whipped cream. Priced at 500/+ it's worth every penny. The presentation was good.

Overall - Had a lovely time. Keep it up, guys. Another gem. Cheers.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids