A Mumbai Baker Is Making Those Beautiful Galaxy Cakes We've Seen All Over The Internet

    Mumbai Central, Mumbai


    It’s true – a whole galaxy on our plate is not impossible anymore because we’ve found the most divine galaxy cakes baked by The Next Door Baker.

    Say Whaaat?

    Shaily Sanghvi aka The Next Door Baker makes delicious galaxy cakes that are so beautiful, you wouldn’t want to put a knife through them. But once you do, you won’t regret it because the deliciousness of the perfectly sweet, soft cake will make you forget you did no wrong.

    There are three variants she does for the epic galaxy cake. One is the pinàta galaxy cake {INR 1,400 per kg}, where you cut a slice and all the stars and glitter beads fall out {imagining it, aren’t you?}. The other is a double chocolate galaxy cake {INR 1,200 per kg} which is made of dark chocolate sponge and dark chocolate ganache inside and is sinfully good. Finally, there’s the original galaxy cake {INR 1,200 per kg} where the insides of the cake are exactly like the outside- beautiful and starry.

    Contact Shaily Sanghvi at 9029494062 or drop an email at thenextdoorbaker@gmail.com to get your hands on this amazing cake. The cakes are eggless, you need to place an order for the cake in advance and for an additional cost, Shaily will have the cake delivered to you.

    So, We're Saying...

    BRB, gotta go place an order for the cake!

      Mumbai Central, Mumbai