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Work Out At Bandra Fort For That Fresh Sea Air And An Amazing View

    Bandra West, Mumbai


    Bandra Fort may be a popular spot for pictures and admiring the sea-view, but the park inside takes the cake for people trying to get fit {remember your fitness goals for 2017?}.

    Tell Me More

    Formerly known as Castella de Aguada, Bandra Fort was built in 1640 by the Portuguese. This fort which is home to rich history, today happens to be popular with fitness enthusiasts.

    If you have been trying to get fit and are a solo ranger like me, Bandra Fort can play a wonderful accomplice in your plans. Apart from being a tourist attraction, it’s also home to a stair-cased park that is perfect for toning those muscles and burning off some fat.

    The Route

    Start by warming up on Bandstand, you’ll breathe in fresh air and it’ll get you going from the word go. Bonus: you’ll get to meet some of the sweetest dogs on your way there. But it’s important not to lose focus.

    The stretch is long enough to fire you up for a cardio session. Once you enter the park, it’ll discourage you to tread further, intimidating you with the amount of stairs in your visual range. Gather all your motivation at this time and once you’ve completed one round, you’ll automatically do another.

    You’ll see people doing yoga at the highest point of the park or some people kicking some butt with their personal trainers.

    So, We’re Saying…

    If you like working out alone with just nature in the background, this is the perfect place to do so. It’s open till 7.30 pm, so go before that.

      Bandra West, Mumbai