Beachin' Around: Plan A Weekend At Some Of The Prettiest Beaches In Mumbai

    Mumbai is home to a lot of seafront areas and beaches that provide that much-needed respite from the chaotic, crowded city life one's used to. Locals make it a point to visit these city beaches over the weekend or whenever they can find the time, to rejuvenate themselves after a hard day's work. We picked out some of the best beaches in Mumbai for you to explore and visit.

    Chowpatty Beach

    Girgaum Chowpatty

    Girgaum, Mumbai

    Marine Drive adorns the rock-strewn seaside, also known as ‘The Queen’s Necklace’, and is home to a number of notable restaurants, five-star hotels as well as food shacks and hawkers providing varied services including tea-coffee, snacks and even massages.

    At one end of this iconic street is Chowpatty beach, where you can sit by the waves during the day, or simply unwind at one of the numerous food shacks that sell a number of local delicacies. Meant as a family outing, you'll always find a huge crowd finding its way to this beach, which now is being cleaned quite often. It offers a sharp contrast to what is one of the most expensive residential and commercial districts of the city.

    Juhu Beach

    Juhu Beach

    Juhu, Mumbai

    When we think of Juhu, the first thing that pops to the mind is the beach in the vicinity. Juhu Beach, which is also the longest beach in Mumbai, is located in the posh western suburbs of the city. It is considered to be a hub for the who’s who of Mumbai, especially celebrities. And if you’re lucky, you may get to spot a celebrity jogging in the wee hours of the morning. 

    There are a number of activities that you can do at the beach, from playing games to munching on some deliciously hot street food, to even adventurous horse rides. Off late, multiple yoga sessions have popped up as well where health freaks can exercise or simply meditate.  

    Versova Beach

    Versova Beach

    Andheri West, Mumbai

    Yet another sand strip, Versova Beach lies quite close to the Juhu Beach and is known for the Versova Fort. A hub for the fishermen to exhibit their fresh catch, this is a unique experience that truly adds to the versatile dreamland that Mumbai really is. This beach has recently been in the spotlight for undergoing the 'world's largest beach cleanup'. So, the once dubbed as one of the filthiest beach is now a pretty clean and fresh place to chill in.  

    Madh Island

    Madh Island

    Madhanandapuram, Chennai

    Madh Island, a group of villages and comparatively cleaner beaches in the northern side of Mumbai, is a great place for a staycation. Located away from the humdrum of the city, it has a peaceful vibe and beautiful surroundings to keep you entertained.

    You can stroll the beaches while eating the local fruits, dried fish and roasted corn cobs, with sand under your feet and sea in sight. It often makes for a quick, short getaway, and the fact that the beaches are clean, adds to its appeal. We also suggest dropping by the 500-year-old St Bonaventure Church and take a glance at some beautiful Portuguese architecture. Madh Island is also the go-to shooting place for the entire entertainment industry. That is the reason, we reckon, the resorts here are built in a picturesque manner offering more than you’d ask. Here are some of the best resorts in Madh Island.

    Aksa Beach

    Remember Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra dancing on 'Tujhe Aksa Beach Ghuma Dun' in the movie God Tussi Great Ho? Well, this is the beach they're talking about. 

    With a backdrop of coconut trees and palm groves, the Aksa Beach in Malad is one of the quieter beaches in the city. One of the things we've loved doing is (apart from populating our Instagram feed) walking barefoot on the beach during sunset. The sea breeze and the serenity add to the charm.

    You will also get a number of local food options here, in the form of chaat, pav bhaji, locally-grown fruits with spices and so much more. Although stepping into the water always sounds like a dream, it's better to be safe as the waves are known to be highly unpredictable.