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A Batch Made In Heaven: These Folks Are Baking The Best Cookies In Town

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You cannot not love a cookie. Whether you're having a gooey choco-chip one, or a nut and raisin flavored one, the aroma of a freshly baked batch of cookies travels far and wide. And if you do not have the time to bake some melt-in-the-mouth beauties for yourself or fam, trust these homegrown brands/home bakers in the city to help you satiate your cravings. Go on, order your jar of cookies for some comfort-snacking with tea/coffee at home, or gift a box to someone you love! 

House Of Cookies

House of Cookies is based out of Vile Parle and delivers all across the city. Their bestselling cookies are Double Chocolate, Nutella Sea Salt, Cookies and Cream, Snickerdoodle (Cinnamon) and the Mexican Wedding, which is basically a traditional Mexican cookie made at Mexican weddings. Its typically made out of a nut like pecan.

Shell Out: INR 180 onward

What's More: They also have something called the ‘cookie cake’ which the owner Ruchika says, was an accidental invention. It looks like a cake but is a cookie. The base is a cookie, but its quite soft and spongy like a cake. 

Connect On: 9167366770

The Cookie Monster Company

We love the name of this cookie specialist brand, and we love the cookies even more. Get your hands on some gooey, chewy, monster cookies that are made using whole wheat flour, brown sugar, butter and are also 100% eggless. Don't just stick to the classics while ordering from here. Go for the bestselling flavours like coffee overload, oatmeal and raisin cookies and Nutella & sea salt. 

Shell Out: INR 400 onward for ten pieces

What's More: The Cookie Monster Company has recently launched a Mega Cookie Cup in the menu that's totally delish. Call for the Lotus Biscoff or the Dark Chocolate Mousse Mega Cookie Cup. 

Connect On: 8452922236

Cookie Cutter

Think choco chunk, Nutella, classic butter cookies, and iced cookies. And then drool a bit, and then just order guys! Cookie Cutter specializes in fulfilling your cravings with their range of eggless cookies and each bite teleports you to choco heaven. 

Shell Out: A box of five cookies starts at INR 290

What's More: Cookie Cutter sells Message Cookies, which basically enables you to send a tiny note or a message to your BAE. The message is written on the cookie, which has a layering of fine vanilla in it, that's sourced all the way from Tamil Nadu. 

Connect On: 98201 43702

Phoebe's Cookie Co

Cookies made at Phoebe's have the perfect balance. They're crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Try their divone Belgian chocolate cookies and thank us later. Or just grab a few pieces of the Nutty Caramello cookie. You'll be in coma. Food coma.

Shell Out: INR 135 onward

What's More: Phoebe's does things with berries and pistachios in their cookies too. Apart from that there's the New York Cheesecake cookie, the hazelnut Nutella and the Brownie Fudge. 

Connect on: 9324104800

Crumbly Cookie Company

This brand's famous for it's giant choco-chip cookies and rightly so. The Crumbly Cookie Company customizes boxes for you as per the occasion, and often clubs the cookie with walnuts and roasted chocolate hazelnut to give you a melt-in-the-mouth snacking experience. 

Shell Out: INR 150 onward

What's More: They're also launching their own drinking chocolates soon.

Connect on: 98200 23495

Anisha's Signature Cookies & More

This home baker from Kandivali uses no added preservative in her cookies. They're healthy, gooey, and tasty. Her choco almond cookies are a solid hit amongst buyers, so there's no doubt about the fact that you'll love them too. Flavours like coffee walnut, coconut delight and Nutella cookies might do the trick too. 

Shell Out: INR 200 onward

What's More: Anisha customizes beautifully aesthetic hampers for any occasion and delivers all over the country. All you've got to do is place the order in advance. 

Connect On: 99302 47161

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