Monsoon Fave: Gorge On Soul-Satisfying Manchow Soup From These City Joints

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Have you ever gone gaga over the fresh fragrance of all the garlic in your manchow soup, garnished with some super crunchy dry noodles? If the answer's yes, we totally feel you because manchow is our monsoon (or, every day!) jam too.

After all, what's better than devouring on a hot bowl of awesomeness coated with Indian-Chinese sauces and spices, while watching the weather gods work their magic? We've listed some of our go-to places here. Bookmark them for a satiating experience. 

Delicacy Of China, Andheri

It's the oldest Chinese joint in Lokhandwala and we love this one. Not because their quantity is insane, but because the manchow soup is simply lip-smacking. It comes in a huge container and is for those who love the though of extra garlic in their food. And in case you want the soup customized, ie, if you want it to be less spicy, or wish to call for some schezwan sauce, they'll treat your wish as their command. Delicacy Of China is also the fastest at delivering (just saying) and if you're a true Chinese lover, call for their egg noodles, chicken sweet and sour, and some hot manchow soup (goes without saying) You won't regret it. 

Price: INR 150 for vegetable manchow soup; INR 160 for a non-vegetarian manchow soup

Dynasty, Santacruz

If you're a lover of some greasy Indian-Chinese, then eating at Dynasty in Santacruz is a must, people. They serve a typical 'Chindian' cuisines which somewhow still manages to retain everything that authentic Chinese tastes like. Coming to their manchow soup, its thick, garlicky, and just what you need while it drizzles outside. And in case you're in the mood to go beyond just the soup, calling for their jumbo prawns and stuffed mushroom is a brilliant idea. 

Price: INR 190 for vegetable manchow soup; INR 200 for a non-vegetarian manchow soup

Uncle's Kitchen, Malad

It may not be a fine dine, but ask anyone in Malad about Uncle's Kitchen and they'll guide you to it. Start with their signature chicken or prawn manchow soup. It's thick, not too spicy, has a lot of finely chopped veggies, and bamboo shoot in it. You can then fill your tummy with some prawn chop-suey and a Mongolian chicken hot and sour to go with it. 

Price: INR 105 for chicken manchow soup; INR 115 for prawn manchow soup

Gypsy Chinese, Dadar

One of the oldest and nicest Chinese restaurants in town, Gypsy serves spicy and nearly authentic oriental food. We love everything here. But we love their manchow soup the mostest (yes, we've made up a word for this). However, they've got house delicacies like the Rainbow Bloom soup and the spicy crabmeat thick soup, that you must try when you're here. For mains, get yourself an American chop-suey, a chicken stir-fry, and a chicken burano gravy, if you've got a huge appetite. 

Price: INR 245 for vegetable manchow soup; INR 265 for a chicken manchow; INR 365 for a seafood combination

Royal China, Fort

If you haven't tried their food yet, you're missing out, really. Call for their prawn or mushroom dumplings, pork ribs, and sticky rice. They're quite famous for their Cantonese cuisine, and we love gulping down some hot and spicy manchow here in the evenings. 

Price: INR 320 for vegetable manchow soup; INR 350 for chicken manchow soup

Meraki, Bandra

This one's almost everyone's favorite and we have no two thoughts about it. Meraki's soups are cost effective and the manchow soup comes with an impeccable quantity of dry noodles. They give you a lot of schezwan sauce too. So if the soup's over, you can dip the noodles into the sauce and nibble on it. Call for their Oriental pot rice and Thai curry too, they make it really well.

Price: INR 120 for vegetable manchow soup; INR 130 for chicken manchow soup