Storage of Dreams: 12 Wardrobes & Cupboards For Your Cutlery, Clothes & More

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A cluttered home can be a pain to live in. But thank god for wardrobes and cupboards that contribute towards making our abode look organized. Every home has designated wardrobes to store clothing, crockery, shoes, showpieces with TV units, and so much more.

If you've recently moved into a new space with your family, BAE, BFF, or are living the solo life, then take some inspiration from our recommendations below, before investing in a new wardrobe or cupboard. Because no matter what your purpose of the storage is, these brands have got you covered! 

For Storing Crockery

Crockery Unit Wardrobe - Teak Lab

TeakLab Cream Painted Large Glazed Crockery Unit

TeakLab Cream Painted Large Glazed Crockery Unit


If you have a spacious kitchen and want something elegant yet minimal, going for Teak Lab's large glazed crockery cupboard will do you good. This cream-colored beauty is a very practical and stylish piece of kitchen or dining room furniture that provides lots of storage and usable space. Made of solid teakwood, it ensures long-time durability and stability. 

Key Features: There's a flat space between the cabinets that allow you to keep your microwave too. It features three spacious upper drawers and three larger lower cupboards, and each has internal shelving. You can also display your wine and champagne glasses in one of the sections. 

Sheesham Wood Crockery Cabinet- Angel Furniture

Angel Furniture Sheesham Wood Solid Wood Crockery Cabinet

Angel Furniture Sheesham Wood Solid Wood Crockery Cabinet


Not too high on space at home? Don't worry when you can invest in this solid Sheesham wood crockery cupboard from Angel Furniture. Available at a lower price on Flipkart, this wooden beauty has glass doors that help you to see where exactly every piece of crockery is placed. The cupboard doesn't occupy much space and can fit into one corner of the kitchen or dining space easily. 

Key Features: This one's got 3 shelves and two drawers, and all parts are pre-assembled and ready to use. 

Horizontal Wooden Crockery Cupboard- Home Centre

Brown Sheesham Wood Crockery Unit

Brown Sheesham Wood Crockery Unit


Another minimal but gorgeous piece from Home Centre, this one is for someone who doesn't own a lot of crockery but would want to organize it well to avoid the mess. Highly durable and very low maintenance, this cabinet is ideal for the storage of ceramic & porcelain kitchenware items. The doors of this cupboard are made up of a combination of Sheesham and toughened glass finish. The solid wood had a tempered glass extension, making it scratch and stain-free. 

Key Features: There are two spacious closed shelves with glass doors, and one open shelf. You can also use the top of this cupboard as a table. Avoid keeping microwaves on wooden bases though. 

For Storing Kid's Clothing

Unicorn 3-Door Wardrobe- Kidomate

Unicorn 3 Door Wardrobe for Girls Bedroom

Unicorn 3 Door Wardrobe for Girls Bedroom


Kids are often easily bored. So adding interesting and quirky elements in their room is a bare necessity these days. Since we're talking about cupboards and wardrobes, how about a touch of unicorn-y things? We found this cutesy unicorn-themed wardrobe from Kidomate which has a super functional ergonomic design to it, with 3 doors. In our opinion, it is spacious as well as colorful, and something that children will really want to boast owning about. 

Key Features: This one's a 3-door wardrobe, with two solid drawers at the bottom, 6 shelves to place clothes and other belongings, and a huge compartment above the drawers to place clothes on hangers. 

Castle-Print Wardrobe- Pepperfry

Quirk Box Castle Print Wardrobe

Quirk Box Castle Print Wardrobe


For something royal yet spacious and sturdy, go for this castle-printed wardrobe from Pepperfry. Known for its furniture, this brand has an amazing collection of kids' wardrobes too. We particularly love this bright multicoloured castle wardrobe that comes with drawer storage. 

Key Features: It has a huge spacious section to hang clothes, and two big drawers below too. If you have one kid at home, their clothes will fit in easily in this wardrobe, and with such a quirky print, it will also be the star of the room. 

Wardrobe + Table - IKEA

Storage combination, white birch/with changing table

Storage combination, white birch/with changing table


IKEA is known for curating functional DIY furniture and this wardrobe is a classic example. An eco-friendly piece, this serves a lot of purposes. This one's a storage combination with a changing table that can be converted into a study table or a crafts area for your kid too. If you're looking for something minimal in terms of design but also a product that children will not grow out of when they grow older, this one's a perfect fit for their room! 

Key Features: One big vertical cupboardsix spacious drawers on the side, a study table with three additional drawers, and four shelves is what makes this wardrobe so wholesome and useful! 

LBBTip: Buy all three products to get this set up for INR 41,000 approximately.

For Storing Your Clothes

Four-Door Wardrobe- Home Center

Noir Novelty Walnut Four Door Wardrobe

Noir Novelty Walnut Four Door Wardrobe


This one's going to be a luxurious addition to your room, especially if there's ample space to fit it in. If you're living with a roommate or partner, this wardrobe from Home Center will allow you to share space with them because there are two distinct sections for two people to comfortably share space. It comes in a rich walnut colour and charms with its wooden finish. 

Key features: The lower part of the wardrobe have 4 boxed shelves in each section, and the upper part has hanging space for clothes like sarees and suits. One side of the cupboard also has 3 additional shelves for you to keep your bags or accessories. 

Two-Door Mirror Wardrobe- Pepperfry

Yardbirds Solid Wood 2 Door Wardrobe In Distress Blue Colour

Yardbirds Solid Wood 2 Door Wardrobe In Distress Blue Colour


Fond of all things boho or vintage? We love this distressed blue solid wood wardrobe from Pepperfry. It's got a vintage mirror on its body too, which saves you your money from buying an additional mirror for your room. If you're particularly looking for a wardrobe that doubles up as a mirror plus a beautiful standing piece of furniture, then go for this one without a doubt. 

Key Features: It's got 3 in-built shelves or racks for you to keep your belongings neatly, and a little vintage clip on top of the door too. 

Felice Wardrobe - Pepperfry

Felice Solid Wood Wardrobe In Teak Colour

Felice Solid Wood Wardrobe In Teak Colour


If you like things classy, you might love this pure Sheesham wood wardrobe from Pepperfry by Fabuliv. It's a suit-friendly wardrobe that has everything you'll need to keep your formals in shape. We love the brown wooden finish the most, and if you're living alone, or don't need a huge wardrobe, this one might come in handy and look elegant at the same time. Blending modern, traditional, art deco and even futuristic design, you can even put your shoes in neatly on the bottom drawer. The best part? It looks like it adds to the decor, and isn't just a storage space. 

Key Features: You get designated spots for jackets, a drawer for shoes or if you prefer, all your other accessories like watches, ties, and cufflinks.

For Your Shoes

Teakwood Cabinet- Teaklab

Teakwood Shoe Cabinet

Teakwood Shoe Cabinet


Our shoes need as much care as our clothes. And to give them that protection, we've shortlisted one of the best utility shoe cabinets from Teaklab for you. Made of pure teakwood, this one's a horizontal cabinet with a puffy seating area on top, so that you can sit and relax while removing or wearing your shoes. It perfectly fits into the hallway, or one corner of your living space. 

Key features: With in-built racks and two drawers below the seating arrangement, this cabinet has a fine natural finish

White Shoe Wardrobe - IKEA

HEMNES Shoe cabinet

HEMNES Shoe cabinet


If your life runs on different kinds of footwear and you need a bigger space to store it, check this white beauty out. IKEA has made it to perfection with plenty of racks inside and a sleek glass door. Each rack can take a minimum of two shoes. 

Key Features: The neat open out drawer means it saves space, and also give you space in the drawer to stock all your socks. 

Wood Turner Show Cabinet- Saraf Furniture

Solid Wood Turner Shoe Rack

Solid Wood Turner Shoe Rack


Another piece made from solid Sheesham wood, this stunner from Saraf Furniture comes with woodturner shelves to store your shoes. And it will fit perfectly in your entryway, or can be kept in a corner in your living room. Storing shoes here is easier and the process of opening the turners look super cool too. 

Key Features: It has a big cabinet on top, and two woodturners below to store about six pairs of shoes.