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It's All Wood: 10 Brands To Bookmark For Chic Wooden Decor

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Really, what w(oo)d you do without wood? If you've been wanting to add new decor elements to your space but are unsure of the direction to take your home interiors, consider investing in wooden decor and accessory pieces. Wooden decor can be a chic and versatile option for your home, not only because it has a classy look, but because of its benefits. Solid wood retains its appearance, its damage is easily repairable, and the best part is that wooden decor pieces are much more eco-friendly and durable. We did some homework to shortlist some of the best homegrown brands that make beautiful wooden decor, accessories, and utility pieces for homes. Bookmark them all now to add some wooden elegance to your home!


Unisoul India was born out of a love for nature, and all its products are handcrafted by local artisans using who use the best eco-friendly raw materials. An urban handicraft company, Unisoul tries to bridge the gap between handicrafts and the urban world.

What to buy: You will get very functional, useful, and decorative wooden accessories like wooden table lamps, an accessory holder, pen and stand holders, sound amplifiers, planters, side tables, tea light stands, key holders, platters, among other things. 

Shell Out: INR 299 to INR 2,500

Project Wood

This is a passion project of an architect who loves scooping up trendy pieces for clients who do not wish to spend a fortune on decorating their houses. Clean, sharp lines are defining elements of a large part of the collection, and we notice pieces that are very modern yet exude timeless elegance at Project Wood

What to buy: Their wooden wall art clocks and wooden hanging wall frame are a great addition to your space to bring those boring walls to life. 

Shell Out: INR 1,400 to INR 1,700

Desi Karigar

What's better than kitchenware made entirely out of wood? Desi Karigar is a premium manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of useful and decorative kitchenware accessories like platters bowls, and plates that can adorn your dining tables or center tables. We love the leaf, fish, and heart-shaped fruit and snack platters the most here. 

What to buy: Their wide range of wooden products includes wood carved boxes, wooden chess boards, Wooden toys, puzzles, photo frames, wall shelves, wrought iron handicrafts, wood hangers, candle holders, trays, tissue boxes. 

Shell Out: INR 240 to INR 800


Yatha started with the vision to promote the local artisans and their beautiful handicrafts and makes vintage and colourful wooden wall frames for your homes, and memories. The carved design of these frames and the accompanying distress finish will add a rustic, artistic charm to your walls and the bright colours will be mood-uplifting, for sure.

What to buy: There are blue, yellow, green, pink, mint, bronze, gold, silver, and white frames to choose from, and these wall photo frames are also available in sets of three and four, so you can get a nice contrast going. Yatha Handicrafts has some tabletop options, too, that'll look really good on your bedside table.

Shell Out: INR 750 to INR 1,700

Wood So Good

Wood so Good is all about eco-handcrafted home decor and toys for kids that zest up spaces. But we also love their minimal table decor accessories a lot. All their products are made either from wood, bamboo, or coconut which are environmentally friendly and beautiful to look at. Their designs are chic, quirky, vibrant yet elegant to suit your design style. 

What to buy: Their wooden napkin holders, pen stands, bedside piggy banks are super cute

Shell Out: INR 599 to INR 2,000


Another brand upping the wooden decor and accessory game is Chokhat. Its wooden tableware and storage pieces also have a nice finish on them and are very sturdy too.

What to buy: The wooden bunny jar - large & small size - and the elephant drop platter are pieces we would snap up in a jiffy. 

Shell Out: INR 649 to INR 2,099

Wood Tales

Your hunt for wooden trays and table coasters stops here. Wood Tales curates minimal yet elegant-looking table accessories with a fine finish. And if you are someone with a simple style, then try this brand out. Their trays come in a variety of shapes so there's a lot you can choose from. 

What to buy: Go for their hexa and leaf coasters, honeycomb coasters, oval, rectangular and round trays 

Shell Out: INR 550 to INR 1,450


Thecraftpanda aces wooden wall decor and how! We've been crushing over it for quite a few years now and love their wooden evil eye dreamcatchers, graphic wall hangings, and wooden nameplates. They come in vibrant and quirky colors and designs that enliven your wall in an instant! 

What to buy: Our favorites from here include monogrammed name initials for the door, wooden hoops, 'Welcome to the house' wall hanging

Shell Out: INR 549 to INR 1,500

Mirai Woods

Check out Mirai Woods for a ton of wooden pieces for your kitchen, living room, and even garden space. They've got wooden serving trays, beer crates, cutting boards, and bowls that we absolutely love. If you're still on WFH, check out their hand-painted organizers that'll keep your desk mess-free. Their wooden wall decors are both beautiful and functional. Also, if you've got a green thumb, go for the wooden planters that have a test tube attached to them so you can see the root. They look SO cool and unique. 

What to buy: Go for their smartphone holders, test tube planters, pinewood trays, coasters and bowls, desk organizers, chai serving trays, pen stands,.cutlery stands, tea light holders, and more. 

Shell Out: INR 295 to INR 1,700

The Woodpecker

The Woodpecker has a wide range of wooden decor, the likes of which include table decor pieces, tea-light candles, and our favorite, their torans. Their decor products are made from mango wood sourced from trees that do not produce fruit as this kind of wood is dense, durable, and water-resistant. They also have teak wood products that give your decor a rich feel.

What to buy: We are absolutely in awe of their Timber Tea Light which consists of a beautifully carved tree block and a tea-light holder. Also go for the 'Tree of Life' table decor, and Ganesha's wooden bark wallplates. 

Shell Out: INR 200 to INR 3,000