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This Andheri Joint Has Mouth-Watering Naan-Based Dishes

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What Makes It Awesome

Few things incite as much joy as cheese does, no? We know, because we’ve often felt the burning desire to bite into whole hunks, when the craving hits. So when we hear of a restaurant which doesn’t shy away from going all the way with cheese in their dishes… We’re interested.

Bombay Naan House is a new joint that’s opened up in Andheri's Oshiwara, and they’re offering Naans (basically, naan turnovers) that are baked in a traditional wood-fired brick oven. They’ve got vegetarian and non-vegetarian options like your usual place… but they’ve also got dessert naans! Yep, absorb that. Some are filled with classic combinations that can’t be anything but delicious (ahem, Hazelnut Spread + Banana!) and some, we’re quite curious about (the Coffee + Chocolate!) All the dessert naans will cost you INR 250.

Now, onto what you kept reading for. The savoury naan menu isn’t extensive, but it covers everything you know you’ll love. They’ll cost you anything between INR 160 - INR 330 for the non-vegetarian ones. Our favourites are the Paneer Tikka Naan (INR 220) which is served with an aioli dip, the Spicy Honey Cheese Naan (INR 180), the Tornado Naan which has chicken and paneer (INR 260), and the Smoked Chicken Naan (INR 240).

Once you’re full from the naans… Fill the hole in your soul with their awesome wood-fired pizzas. You’ve gotta try the Peri Peri Chicken Pizza (INR 290).

And if pizza isn’t your speed (not cool, but let’s move on), they’ve got a unique dish that hasn’t been introduced to the city before - a traditional Georgian dish called the Khachapuri! It’s a boat-shaped bread generously topped with cheese, and stuffed with whichever stuffing you pick. Try the Mutton Keema one (INR 270). 

They’ve also got grilled mains, rolls, a few salads, crinkle cut fries, onion rings and so much more… Which is perfect for the number of dips they offer - 13! Those range from a humble Cheesy Dip, to Aioli, to Tartar.

So, lots to try here. Oh and they've got a delivery joint in Malad too. When are you placing your order?