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Love Zara’s Perfumes? You’ll Love These Luxe Fragrance Brands As Much

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It's always the season for perfumes and scents, and I've noticed how each season brings about a slight change in the way we look at how we'd like to smell. From fruity and punchier top notes to heavy base notes - there's a lot out there. But then again, for those of you reading this, you've probably owned a Zara perfume and truly know how unique the scents are, and, how affordable. It's time to reinvigorate your daily fragrance wardrobe as you head into a new season. This time, with indie brands that are so much like Zara but hold their own ground. Let's dive in! 

Layer Your Fragrance With Wisdom

What typically makes Wisdom Fragrances by Sheetal Desai stand out is the fact that you can actually layer perfume upon perfume scent to create a unique scent of your own. Pretty special, right? Pick from the succulent miniature perfume scent to try this experiment of your own. Apart from this, expect to find fragrances like Oriental, Woody, Floral and Fresh fine fragrances. 

Be Warned: The fragrances are pretty heavy and are known to last a while, so spray with caution. You can check them out right here on LBB!



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With nine exquisite Oud perfumes, Indinoir can be your go-to choice for all scents that carry a heavy sense of nostalgia with them. The homegrown brand runs on the idea that scents are what people remember you by, and perfumes can therefore become how you form connections with those around you, the places you visit, and the memories you make with them. Inspired by Indian heritage, this premium perfumery gives you options for varying climates and subtle notes you want to leave behind.

Pick Your Flavour With Fragrance & Beyond

Wondering if you're a fresh, floral or woody scent person? Well, it's easy to figure this out, thanks to Fragrance & Beyond, a perfume brand that has some brilliant packaging and pretty looking bottles with even better scents in them. There are options for both men and women here, so it's easy to add many to cart. 

Express Your Personality With Topnote


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Want an every day perfume that is fresh and wholesome? Topnote has a full range of artisanal fragrances for both him and her. What sets Topnote apart is that the brand gets its inspiration from relatable serendipitous moments in life like love, laughter, inner confidence and togetherness. Pick from their wide range of juicy, floral, woody or spicy.

Travel The World With Scentido

Scentido's a well-known name in the perfume industry in India, and what makes this brand special is the fact that a lot of their fragrances are inspired and created by using exotic ingredients found in Russia, Brazil, India, Japan and South Africa. For example, their Assam fragrance lets you escape to the tea hills in that region, or take the Russkaya Kozha fragrance from Russia, that's an elegant leather perfume. 

Perfumes Inspired By Mumbai & Chai By The Bombay Perfumery

The headline sells it, no? The Bombay Perfumery is one of our favourites, selling some pretty unusual perfumes that are inspired by Indian experiences - a stay in a city, afternoon brun maska and chai or even an old school day at the movies. Take your pick from Calicut, 1020, Chai Musk, Madurai Talkies, Les Cayes, Seven Islands, Moire or Sulawesi. If you're hesitating (I mean, please donnt!), you can try their sample kits online before you make your purchase. There, win-win.

Usher In Emotive Fragrances With All Good Scents

Did you know that Kannauj in northern UP has been known as the country's perfume capital? Well, All Good Scents uses ingredients like jasmine oils, sandalwood, rose water and many more to create fragrances for daily wear. Although, their fragrances are made in a family-owned scent house in Grasse, France, they have taken a lot of inspiration from all things Indian. Take for example the Tender Intense - raspberry and orange-blossom notes, Or Smooth - that has sandalwood and nutmeg flavours. 

 What we love is that they have a 'Make Your Own Scentbox' if you want to personalise.

Go All Natural With Naso Profumi


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If you like attar or just love the smell of pure herbs and spices to jazz things up a bit, Naso Profumi is one brand that has it all, and is also India's first green perfumery using only natural and no synthetic flavours. Each perfume comes in a beautiful glass bottle with options like mint-infused rose and lemon, oudh, pepper, saffron, bergamot, sambac and much more. What we also love is that they have a customise option, where you can actually create your own scent. So, check it out already!


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