Scent-sational: These Natural Luxury Perfumes Smell Exotic

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What Makes It Awesome

A bottle of perfume is an emotional affair. One may forget what a place looks like, but one never forgets what it smells like. Fragrances linger in people's senses for a very long time. Scents have the strength to make you nostalgic, transport you to another world, miss a place or a person. And they also have the strength to speak about your personality. All that talk about first impression, but we seldom focus on the importance of that first whiff.

Well, it can get confusing because there are so many fragrances to choose from, but we found Adiveda Natural that has natural scents that make absolute sense to us and invoke all our senses! Nisha Singh founded this brand in August 2020 and these handcrafted natural perfumes come in a variety of options that won't harm your skin (bye-bye hidden harmful chemicals). For both men and women, these are also long-lasting and cruelty-free. Whether you're a floral romantic or love the smell of caramel vanilla, whether you prefer scents that are sweet and woody or like something that is ambery and musky, there are plenty perfumes with names like Selfish Eau De Parfum, Womania, Bewitch Women, Boho Women, and more.

You'll find unisex perfumes too, such as the Memoir Unisex EDP - Pure Mysore Sandalwood Perfume and the Cupid Unisex Perfume - Spicy Oriental Perfume with Oud Fragrance. And, in case you don't know what is it that fancies you, they have cute perfume trial pieces in sets of 9 and 12 as well.

Starting from INR 399 onwards, get these on LBB right away!