Breakfast At the Racecourse? Only At This Hidden Gem Next To Gallops

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Move over your high-end, fancy breakfast options because this hidden gem next to Gallops at Mahalaxmi racecourse is where you will get delectable and affordable grub.

Chow Down

This breakfast joint is open from 8am to 10am and is in the open area next to Gallops. Trust us when we say it’s worth a try and totally worth waking up in the morning. This breakfast is served by the management of Gallops itself and they started it by requests from the many people who come jogging/ walking every day.

You definitely won’t spot anyone here before 8am, but sharp on said time you will see waiters coming and arranging tables and chairs. Even if you reach earlier than required, you can always take a stroll around the racecourse {after all, burning some calories is not bad for you health, isn’t it?}.

The menu is limited with items such as batata wada, omelet, masala chai, etc., but the real reason why people go here is to see the view and enjoy the calmness around. Since this place is one of the best kept secrets of the area, the management may not be the most welcoming, but you can get your way around.

So, We're Saying...

Who wouldn’t like a delicious breakfast, that’s so affordable and comes with a fabulous view, right?