Cook Authentic Parsi And More At Home Without A Hassle With Burgundy Box

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Burgundy Box

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If you can’t be bothered to cook but still would like to keep up appearances, you have got to try these DIY meal kits by the Burgundy Box, which are healthy, and take less than five minutes to put together.

What Is It?

Based in Mumbai, this company, besides delivering everyday meals that you can order, sells do-it-yourself meal kits. These DIY kits come neatly packed in, you guessed it, a burgundy-coloured box.

We got ourselves asalli murgh DIY kit, and it came to us when we were at work. After leaving it out in the heat, almost giving the box a somersault during the train journey, and then sticking it back in the refrigerator, when we finally took out the box half an hour before we left the house the next morning.

The box comes with all the ingredients you could require for your dish, down to the minutest {and most necessary} of them such as salt and oil. It came with an instruction sheet which took us less than 15 minutes to fix up the dish, and take it back to work, for a full circle.

How Can I Order It?

We’ve gotta tell you, that chicken salli surpassed any expectations we had, plus let us claim that we have cooked it without much guilt. The portion sizes were perfect for two people, and it tasted like an authentic Parsi dish, much to the approval of our in-house Parsi colleague.

To order your meal box, across Indian, or continental cuisines such as Mexican, you have to order it here. Our chicken salli kit for two cost us INR 460, which to be fair is what would have cost us had we bought the ingredients on our own.

So, We’re Saying…

These meal kits save you time buying the ingredients and even measuring them out. Also, if you have zero cooking skills, you could still get by with these, and feel proud at the same time. We say, go for it.

Check it out here.