Mark Your Calendars: Our Guide To Buying The Best Calendars & Planners Online

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2019 was nothing less than a roller-coaster, and time just flew by! However, this is the right time to have 2020 under control, dontcha think? We’ve found some of the quirkiest planners and calendars for you to figure the next year out, so that you're sorted when it comes to remembering things that are worth it.

Take a look at our list. 

Funny And Witty Calendars, Alicia Souza

Alicia Souza

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One of our favorite illustrators, Alicia Souza, is back with her cute collection of calendars. This year, she's got a couple of sassy and punny options for calendars. Her theme this year is all about being funny and witty, so the 2020 calendar is full of fun facts and puns. Let's not forget the burst of bright colours!  

Price: INR 599 and upwards

DIY Paper Calendar, Sky Goodies

Sky Goodies

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Are you a DIY junkie? These fancy little calendars offered by Sky Goodies is sure to be your jam. They hardly occupy any space on your table or desk, and make for the brilliant gifting option too! You can opt for the classic typewriter, a cute piano or a sewing machine. Sky Goodies has always been a favorite of ours, and their stuff just gets better each year.

Price: INR 299

Mini Easel Calendars, Carousel


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We’re loving the little desk stand calendar by Carousel, a cute and quirky home decor brand. A bunch of loose cards with each month of the coming year placed on a mini easel is enough to add that quirk to your abode. Go forth and paint the new year red, we say! 

Price: INR 400

#LBBTip: There is a combo of a calendar and a planner too. Get that for INR 1,400. 

Monthly Chalk Calendar, Prop Shop 24


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Well, Prop Shop 24 has tons of options when it comes to calendars. But we particularly loved their monthly chalkboard calendar. Simply stick it up on a wall and make changes as and when needed, and re-use them every month. It's got a column for date and notes as well. 

Price: INR 599

Colours Of India, WWF

WWF Calendar

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Featuring and presenting popular landscapes from India, WWF's this year's calendar is all about capturing the colours of India. Expect amazing and breathtaking images shot of Pangong Lake in Ladakh, Spiti Valley from Himachal Pradesh, Frozen Zanskar Waterfalls from Ladakh, Chitradhara Falls in Chattisgarh etc. 

Price: INR 275

Floral Calendar, The Ink Bucket

The Ink Bucket

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If floral and elegant prints are your thing, you've got to add these calendars to your cart. From soothing floral prints to stripes, every calendar and planner has been designer with pastel hues, fine prints and quality material. They've got calendars for both desk and wall - so simply pick which one you want. 

Price: INR 599 and upwards. 

#LBBTip: In a mood to splurge? Go for their combo which includes one wall calendar, one desk calendar and one planner. Get these for INR 3,000 and upwards. 

Happy Tales Calendar, Welfare Of Stray Dogs

This one's for all animal lovers and pet parents out there. Every year, Welfare Of Stray Dogs or WSD (an NGO for stray animals) publishes an animal-themed calendar with a unique and different message for awareness and education. And this year the calendar is dedicated to wonderful hoomans who have adopted dogs and cat from WSD and made a significant difference in their lives. Amazing, isn't it?

These are available as wall and desk calendars. To buy the calendar you can drop an email at or call 7208043341. 

Price: INR 200

#LBBTip: The funds raised from the sale of the calendars would be utilised for sterilization, immunization and multiple health care programmes. 

Living outside Mumbai? The good peeps at WSD are happy to courier to you as well. 

Eco-Friendly Calendar, 21 Fools

21 Fools

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The good peeps at 21 Fools have curated a super eco-friendly calendar which can be planted and grown into 12 different plants. That's simply so cool. To be precise, it's called 'Kyaari' a calendar that can be grown into a garden. The calendar is made of two important elements - BeejKapas (paper that grows into trees) and reclaimed wood (reused wood).

So, every month in 2020 you can grow a new plant.

Price: INR 1,199