Blue Pottery Alert: This Brand's Got Blue-tiful Ceramics Starting At INR 100

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Whether you're cooking boring Khichdi or making a fancy Lebanese platter - the cutlery you choose for plating can make a huge difference. Your plating and presentation can kind off make it the talking point at dinner parties and make your guests say a big 'wow'. So, folks, it's time to elevate your mealtime and add a dash of colour to it. And Firgun Curators, a brand which specializes in blue pottery and ceramics is here to make that happen. Kick started in September 2020, these guys are curating ceramics from talented artists and craftsmen across the country and giving them a platform to expand their reach digitally. 

    So, at it's directly sourced from the manufacturers, you can expect quality ceramics, handpainted and offbeat designs, and authenticity. These perfectly fit your quota for luxury dining and vibrant home decor. Psst, their Moroccan plates are one of their best sellers. So, if we've convinced you to cart something from their collection, make sure it includes this. Their collection starts from INR 100 and upwards. 

    While you can keep hoarding these for your home and dining, these hand-painted pieces also make great gifts for your folks. Whether it's a housewarming party or a festive occasion, these are sure to bring a bright smile to anyone's face.  

      Available Online