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    Hate Stepping Out? Buy Fish, Prawns And More At Local Rates On This Website

    Nupur posted on 03 June


    With online gourmet stores vying for your attention and prompting you to splurge on imported fish, Machiwala brings the local fish market to your doorstep.

    What To Buy

    A visit to the local fish market can be overwhelming, smelly and tiring. We found a service that will eliminate the need for you to hail a rickshaw/cab to the local market to the fish market. Called Machiwala, you can find everything from basa fillets {INR 500} to salmon for INR 1,100. Rohu comes for INR 225 and catla, for INR 250 – perfect for a night dedicated to fish curry and rice. Mackerel, sardines and Bombay duck start at INR 200, going up to INR 250.

    If you want to go all out on crab and lobsters, they have various varieties {mud crab, crab meat} to satiate your craving for a good crab salad or sushi. Starting at INR 500. In addition to fresh fish, they also have marinated options, so that you don’t have to go through the grind of making the masala. Fish fingers {INR 180}, Indian salmon {INR 500}, pomfret masala {INR 370} and surmai {INR 370} can be ordered.

    So, We're Saying...

    It’s a convenient and no-so-expensive way to have all the fish you want at home. You’ll need to deliver a day in advance, so that you get the fresh catch from the following morning.

    You can order here.


    In case you are allergic to seawater fish, they also sell fresh water fish. Check it out here.

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