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These Ready-To-Eat Pastes Are Sure To Jazz up Your Boring Ghar Ka Khana

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    What Makes It Awesome

    From retaining the top position in our list of go-to comfort food to being served in every big fat Indian wedding, curries form one of the most integral parts of Indian cuisine. Spicy, zesty and full of flavours - who doesn't like a heart-warming bowl of curry? 

    But, cooking these require some real skills and time, TBH! If you're a pro at cooking, great! For those, like me, who almost always mess up the measurements and end up making something really blah - listen up! You can make amazing Indian curries without watching a zillion YouTube tutorials or spending hours in the kitchen. And yet get a restaurant-like taste at home.

    Soon to be master chefs, say hello to Tulua. 

    An e-store dedicated entirely to ready-to-cook curry paste, this brand is here to take your gastronomical journey to the next level. Inspired from curries from across the country, they're offering us three classic options: Butter Masala, Ghee Roast and Vindaloo. Made using secret recipe used by our ancestors and without any preservatives, these pastes are sure to fill your kitchen with a nostalgic aroma. 

    These can be used to prepare an array of dishes. For instance, you can use their Butter Masala paste (which is a creamy concoction with hints of spices) to cook butter chicken, paneer butter masala, dal makhani, kathi rolls, Biryani and more. Likewise, you can use their spicy Vindaloo paste (known to marry the Indian and Portugal flavours) to cook dishes like pork vindaloo, stuffed okra, rawa fried fish, eggplant taco and more.
    Their boxes start at INR 215.


    Oh, and they've also got a party pack, which is ideal if you're hosting a dinner party. These include 6 packs (2 X each flavour).

      Available Online