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Starting At INR 99: This Stationery E-Store Will Make You Say 'I Want It All'

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What Makes It Awesome

Too much stationery? There's no such thing!

If you're reading this, you're probably a stationery hoarder and definitely nodded when you read the first sentence. We know you collect notebooks, pile them up and not use them. We know you're always going gaga when you see a quirky planner (which you might not need) but buy it anyway. And we know you're an organising freak who loves taking down notes, the old-school way. Teja Kumar, the founder of The Tipsy Store, surely relates and agrees with this. An independent designer and a stationery lover, she founded a stationery e-store (more like a paradise for you and me) during the lockdown. The focus of this homegrown brand is not just quality and functional stationery products, but a lot more on design, graphics and creatives. 

Which clearly reflects in each of her products. The Tipsy Store's collection includes almost everything from notebooks and planners to calendars and sticker sets. And she makes it a point that her stationery helps you achieve your life goals or keeps you upbeat in ticking off your daily tasks. For instance, the 2021 calendar indulges us in colour therapy. The daily planner is designed to help you organise and plan your zillion tasks. For over-thinkers and slightly restless souls (I'm one of 'em), you've got jot books, scribble pads to jot down your thoughts, clear your head, brain dump or simply doodle.  

Oh, and they've also got Tipsy Bundle. It's a fun set curated and customised which includes your favourite designs and items. Their latest launch is a 'self-care' bundle which includes a funky journal and a mini-self care book. ( also includes motivational stickers) We're sold! 

Their collection starts at INR 99. The Tipsy Store is certainly one of those brands which I'd happily add under the value for money umbrella. 


If you're looking to gift something thoughtful to your folks, this e-store should be on your radar.